The Realm of Authentic Research

Aiming to unite the science research with the eternal wisdom of world religions. Ultimate objective is to produce new theories explaining the unanswered questions of Humanity.

Free Education on Mental and Spiritual Topics

Study mental and spiritual topics online, anonymously, with your own pace, the concepts you wish – free of charge. We have exercises, campus and library at your service.

An Online Sanctuary for the Mental Quest

Here is an online place to quiet down, for searching the ultimate truth. This domain helps you discovering your personal potential, talent and purpose-value for wholehearted life.

House of Truth is the teaching and researching website of the mental and spiritual issues. Our online teaching is always open to everyone, free of charge. At the moment we teach e.g. personal growth, self-knowledge, thoughts and emotions controlling techniques, mnemonics, NLP, Reiki, spiritual astrology, alchemy etc. Be free to explore our website. At House of Truth, there is a large collection of exercises to help you on your way of self-discovery: to know yourself, and first to deal yourself, and later also to control yourself e.g. on the level of thoughts and emotions. This journey is called walking the Way of Truth.


House of Truth works for these three issues:

  • Teaching of the mental and spiritual issues should be free of charge, such as comprehensive schools (in Scandinavia).
  • Scientific and religious research and teaching should be based on the Truth, not on the expectations of the financiers or on the personal habits and beliefs of experts.
  • For every person should offer an opportunity to leave the main society for a certain period (e.g. from 1 day to 6 months) to seek for themselves and the ultimate truth.


Along with studying in our teaching section, you can introduce yourself our research. Our mission is to unite the scientific and religious ways of thinking, and our ultimate goal is to introduce and prove so called Theory of Everything and Nothing (TEN). This theory can explain all the existing theories and sacred texts, and even more point out their common symmetries and other structures. The first results are already published in Finnish, and hopefully soon we are translating those in English too.

The purpose of the House of Truth is to support, to guide and to help a person’s mental development to first face themselves, and then the ultimate truth that embraces and influences everything in the Universe. Facing the truth is possible only individually and personally. This is why House of Truth offers no memberships, but rather tools and techniques for understanding and experiencing the mental evolution. We also encourage everyone to keep weekly rest days, when there is an excellent time to study sacred texts and to learn to know thyself as a person, as a part of Humanity and as a part of the whole universe. You can register to House of Truth to better follow your studies.

House of Truth is also in YouTube

House of Truth in a nutshell

  • Learn to know thyself at your own pace, utilising online study materials
  • Learn about the Way of Truth, taught by all the world religions
  • Participate in lectures and courses online
  • Wonder the cause, course and consciousness of the Everything and Nothing
  • Learn how to relax with devotion, praying, meditation etc.
  • Here you are anonymous, without commitments, free of charge

Teaching and Research

House of Truth teaches the truth itself in the form of the Way of Truth. Our teaching is based on and captured in the Theory of Everything and Nothing, the book explaining the structure of human soul, its purification, and the unlimited potential that is asleep within our heart. Our research combines and clarifies both scientific and spiritual knowledge in pursuit of the comprehensive Truth. The Ultimate Truth is not satisfied by modern scientific methodology and mathematical proofs, but requires proof also according to scripture.

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