House of Truth is the teaching and researching site of the mental and spiritual issues. Our online teaching is always open to everyone, free of charge. At the moment we teach e.g. personal growth, self-knowledge, thoughts and emotions controlling techniques, mnemonics, NLP, Reiki, spiritual astrology, alchemy etc. Be free to explore our website and do not hesitate to contact us, if you need some help. At House of Truth, there is a large collection of exercises to help you on your way of self-discovery: to know yourself, and first to deal yourself, and later also to control yourself e.g. on the level of thoughts and emotions. This journey is called walking the Way of Truth.


House of Truth works for these three issues:

  • Teaching of the mental and spiritual issues should be free of charge, such as comprehensive schools.
  • It is important to offer everyone a chance to leave the society for a certain period (e.g. from 1 day to 6 months) to explore themselves and to seek to ultimate truth.
  • Scientific and religious research and teaching should be based on the truth, not on the expectations of the financiers or on the personal habits and beliefs of experts.


The purpose of the House of Truth is to support, to guide and to help a person’s mental development to first face themselves, and then the ultimate truth that embraces and influences everything in the Universe. Facing the truth is possible only individually and personally. This is why the House of Truth offers no memberships, but rather tools and techniques for understanding and experiencing the mental evolution.

The House of Truth is also a place for meeting and contacting people with the same interests. The topics of our teaching and researching are very much the same as those were e.g. in Ancient Egyptian mystery-schools, by the Pythagoreans, at the Musaeum of Alexandria and at the Academy of Plato.

Sometimes a person enters the House of Truth after he/she has already begun to explore religions and science. After a while, this person may realize that neither of these extremes will meet the desire for truth. He/she might step onto some of the more mystical paths, such as Earth and Folk religion, New Age, secret societies, theosophy, or the book Kybalion. If after all these efforts the gates of consciousness continue to remain closed, a person is ready to enter the House of Truth. It is more often than not that the life of the Truth-seeker resembles riding an ass and looking for guesthouses. The farther the journey has taken him/her, the fewer become the guesthouses which will open their doors. It is important to remember that neither religion nor science alone has ever produced an enlightened person.

Teaching, Researching and Library

The House of Truth library represents and transmits sacred texts of humanity, together with other interesting books, reviews, images and links. Our Research deals with both religious and scientific issues without prejudice. In the end, the Ultimate Truth will have to form a synthesis of both. Like our research, also our teaching combines scientific research and guidelines for personal development offered in Scripture. This is simply called the Way of Truth. The backbone of our teaching is called Theory of Everything and Nothing, and it is available on our website. (only in Finnish at the moment)

House of Truth also encourages truth-seekers to include weekly days of rest (Sabbaths), which are excellent for studying sacred texts and yourself, as an individual, as part of Humanity, and even as part of the Universe. To support your efforts, there are studies, exercises, courses and lectures in our teaching section. We aim to arrange a meeting for the House of Truth students three times a year.


You are mostly welcome to be here.

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