There are already a few persons that actively operates here in House of Truth. Also even more people offer their help and resources every now and then. Anyone can contact House of Truth and tell us about your own experiences and visions concerning us. House of Truth is founded to serve the whole Humanity, and for now it means sharing all kind of knowledge, understanding and experiences.

Below you can find few persons, who you can also meet in our events, lectures and clubs.



Ashram is a wonderer of the mental things from Finland. He is also our lighthouse keeper. Ashram enjoys drawing and maybe you will see his works here and elsewhere. While walking the way of truth, Ashram has learned from different spiritual teachers together with religions and other belief-systems. Also reiki and NLP are familiar issues.

You can contact Ashram to participate seminars, courses, charity, and whatever you come up with.



Noesis says Namaste! In the mid of her consciousness, there are love and child-like being at the moment. Noesis has organized her life like that she can truly focus to the deepening the consciousness and love. “In my bravest moment, I reach to love everything and everyone!”

Meditation is the daily work for Noesis. She studies all kind of phenomena, and for now especially neuroscience and person’s possibility to shape his/her own brain.

Noesis is here for everyone, who seeks the present of someone else to develop oneself. You can contact her by e-mail, and by phone if necessary.



iisakki (i:sʌkkɪ) is researcher and teacher of the spiritual issues, and the founder of the House of Truth website. iisakki teaches of e.g. spiritual development, sacred books, together with NLP, Reiki, hypnosis and meditation. iisakki's deeper teachings relate to eternal and infinite matters such as the concept of the Heart, the purpose of life, good and evil, and the Truth. According to iisakki, when a person’s heart is measured, all the people are in equal situation, and thus everyone has the same potential of becoming the perfect soul.

The House of Truth today encompasses the educational website ( as well as some publications which can be ordered on-demand in print form. More than that, it is a symbol for the mission which Iisakki Totuudentalo received in 2011. This mission includes teaching and research, as well as establishing a physical center for these purposes, available and open to all those who seek the Truth and are dedicated to finding it.

The House of Truth is established to foster and preserve the truth itself, the study and realization of which is here called the Mental Evolution and the Way of Truth. Through this process a person’s understanding of him/herself deepens, approaching nothingness. The Way of Truth has been described in different words in different eras: “the way, the truth and the life” (Jesus), “the four noble truths” (Buddha), “the religion of truth” (Muhammad) and “emerging forth into the Light” (Ancient Egypt). All these symbolic terms refer to the same eternal Way, which leads us back to the beginning of everything. Iisakki has engaged to this mission by the means that all the lessons and all the material of the House of Truth are free of charge, honoring the equal right and opportunity of all people to seek and understand the ultimate truth.

Before the spiritual way, iisakki were in the economics and worked as entrepreneur and consult. After the spiritual experiences of 2011, iisakki has lived for the truth, and for exploring, understanding and teaching of it. At the same time iisakki has gained academical know-how especially in the fields of mathematics and computer science. Furthermore iisakki is self-taught in several fields of psychology, in Egyptology (and languages such as Egyptian Hieroglyphs, Hebrew and Arabic), in some natural sciences, together with in all the major religions of the World (with their sacred texts). Today iisakki builds HCR – the next generation’s psychological application. HCR includes the highlights from all the other mental applications, such as NLP, reiki, analytical psychology etc.

You can contact iisakki for seminars, courses, lectures, panels and interviews. iisakki has several public lectures every year, and he teaches tens of people in unofficial meetings (e.g. retreats, courses, and private teaching), which can be participated by anyone. You can contact iisakki also if you are truly willing to walk the way of truth. iisakki lives in Oulu Finland with his family, and there he meets and teaches visiting people. Some has even moved there for a while to have deeper and comprehensive teaching period.


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