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Here you find books and images together with links to different sources of knowledge. If you search information concerning some particular text or genre, you can request guidance and we assist you to find correct places. Do you have an access to some interesting book, text, image, painting, hieroglyphic scroll or even library and willing to share it with others? Please contact us with all kind of cooperation.

House of Truth library

Our online library offers literature and the wisdom of Scripture for the spiritual traveller. Along with this there is a collection of links to other libraries and sources of knowledge. It is our aspiration to also open physical libraries, the first of which is located in the region of Tampere in mid Finland. Also in Oulu (Finland), you can also borrow many of these books and receive personal guidance and teaching.




Sacred writings 11

As long as humanity has written down history, there have been confrontations between a man and God, or Holy Spirit. The most famous ones of these stories we know as sacred books, Scripture. Sacred texts are related to certain cultures and other contexts and they are commonly accepted as divine announcements. For the main character of these stories, it has not been about the journey of straight to enlightenment, but rather first spiritual awakening and then about comprehensive purification and sanctifying of Soul. After these mental transformation processes, people have founded some religious institutions, which have secured and maintained this Knowledge.


Although today majority of people cannot totally understand the timeless wisdom of Scripture, it still does not mean that these stories would be wrong. The books of Scripture are meant to be read all together, at the same time. This is how the bigger and more accurate perspective of God and the main characters is achieved. It is desirable that reader learns how to find similarities rather than faults – these are not scientific papers, but more like psychological allegories and parables. In the end, Scripture has only a few stories to tell: i) the truth concerning the spiritual structure of the universe, ii) the truth concerning the relationship between a person and God, together with iii) the truth concerning the good and evil.


The books of Scripture have been written, more or less, in the language of symbolism. The language of symbolism is the mother and father of all the other languages, and only those who have faced and learned to know the ultimate truth can communicate with it. This is taught e.g. with the words like ”Spirit of Truth entering a person”, ”having the perfect knowledge”, ”opening of the mouth ritual”, and ”I will open my mouth in parables, I will utter things hidden since the creation of the world”. When a normal language consists separately of i) letters, ii) numbers and iii) pronouncing, the language of symbolism uses all these three aspects at the same time and even adds there the fourth aspect, hidden one. This is the aspect of correct context, the understanding of true meaning of symbols. That’s why so few people have been able to read and interpret (not even to mention write) the language of symbols. When the Soul of a person is purified, he/she learns the language of symbolism inevitably.


Teaching materials 5

Here can be found some of the materials that are used in the teaching work of the House of Truth.


Investigations 2

This section is a collection of scientific and more intuitive researches, which are related to the issues studied and taught in the House of Truth, or they are just relevant to the spiritual development of humanity.


Other books, images and authors 4

To the House of Truth library is also collected other books, images and author introductions that are important concerning the spiritual development of humanity.

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