The Dead Sea Scrolls were found by accident in the caves near Qumran in 1946-1956. Here are a few examples:


"By wisdom is meant proper ethical behavior, informed by an understanding of the whole cosmos."

"True sagas are patient and focus on the eternal secrets and the roots of wisdom, in contrast to magicians or soothsayers who speak ‘parables without understanding’. The disciples are told that big mystery is a sealed vision that is unfathomable. Yet clues to finding this wisdom lie in God’s creation and ongoing orchestration of natural events.

"It speaks of the fruits of listening well, understanding the design of God’s creation, accepting one’s status in life and following the rules, leading a life of virtue, and meditation on the ages of the world."

Sources: (4Q303-05) (4Q299-300, Cave 4, ‘Mysteries’) (Davies, Brooke, & Callaway, 2002, p. 140-142)


Dead Sea Scrolls online:

Study authentic scrolls: The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library

Study scrolls in English: The Gnostic Society Library



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