Image 1. Amen-Ra, King of Heaven



Image 2. Goddess Mut in Sycamore Tree feeding a man and his Soul



Image 3. Egyptian Creation Myth



Image 4. Seker with three sceptres (crook, flail and was)



Image 5. God comprehending all the Gods



Image 6. Goddess Sesheta with Sevenfold Star and Horns



Image 7. Horus with the Spear and twin-crown riding the Black Pig



Image 8. Atem (also Tem, Atum, Adam) with Ankh and Was Sceptre



Image 9. Isis suckling Horus in the Papyrus Swamps



Image 10. God Thoth with Eternal Life (Was + Ankh)



Image 11. God Aah (also Jah, Yah)



Image 12. Hall of Ma'AT, Weighting of Heart



Image 13. After Weighting of Heart, the Throne of Osiris, the Last Judgement



Source: (Budge, E. A., 1904, Vol 1&2)

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