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The House of Truth delves into the topics which are relevant concerning the development of humanity, and which are sometimes decorated with beliefs and fears. Some of our studies question the prevalent scientific results, or at least remind us that true science cannot afford presumptions and postulates without a clear cause. Anyone travelling the Way of the Truth has to take interest and study even the smallest of details in the Universe, from the particles and quarks to the processes of the human mind and super massive black holes. Our topics of interest thus vary e.g. from Egyptian hieroglyphs to Laws of Physics, Astronomy, Mathematics and Theory of Music. Our aim is no less than to understand the structure of Cosmos and the Rules of Creation guiding it. If you wish to participate or learn more about our research, please contact us.


Primes and number systems

Branch of science: mathematics, history of mathematics, number theory, algebra

Abstract: The main idea of this project is to show how all numbers and number-systems are created. Our study proved that all Primes, and especially only all Primes can be revealed with their complement set. We have not corresponding results from the publications of mathematics. Our study has forced us to rethink the Set/Group of Primes and all the numerical-systems in general.

In February 2016 we have formed a new definition of Primes and even found addition and multiplication rules for those. These rules are not yet in use in any "known" numerical systems this far. This new system reveals also the “old primes”, which now are the exceptional cases of the new system. This new system operates based on and implements our Theory of Everything and Nothing.

Cooperation: We are open for further discussion on this topic.


Mirror writing

Branch of science: neurology, biology, mathematics

Abstract: Mirror writing mirrors normal writing, and it appears just as normal writing, when read through a mirror. Today, modern science cannot explain why some people can and some cannot mirrorwrite. We are able to teach anyone to mirrorwrite in only a few minutes. This learned skill is permanent, just like swimming or riding a bike. This experiment has been tested with different people and the result has been successful every time. 

Cooperation: We call for research cooperation to further test and validate our methods in mirror writing.

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The Art of Leonardo da Vinci

Branch of science: art history, history, egyptology, mathematics, geometry, physics, chemistry, astronomy etc.

Abstract: For over ten years, Leonardo carried a painting with him wherever he went. No matter what he did, he always returned to examine this painting, as if it were a source of his inner peace and strength. The Mona Lisa is a large collection of Knowledge. The Knowledge is encoded in symbols, mathematics, ratios and geometry, all eternal and universal. The same ones which can be found in the most precious and unique monuments of human history – the Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower. They are testimonies of the existence of one common source of Truth and Life, and including them in the Mona Lisa makes Leonardo but one in the line of many wise men to have used symbolic language in communicating ancient truths. Leonardo constructed the Mona Lisa as an Image of God. The Mona Lisa is his attempt to reach eternity. Through the Mona Lisa, we are guided to follow this ancient path, called here the Way of Truth, of which many spiritual teachers have already taught us.

Cooperation: We are looking for a printing house for a cooperation; You can also write a comment or review; If you have questions or you want to share your own thoughts concerning Leonardo da Vinci, contact us.

Read more: Mona Lisa - Image of God, this study is also published: See printed book in Amazon

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Egyptian hieroglyphs and their symbolism

Branch of science: history, egyptology, mythology

Abstract: Our study involves e.g. the naming rituals of pharaohs and kings, together with explaining the hidden symbolism behind the names of gods and goddesses. The study also describes and explains the weighting of heart (in the Hall of MHT WRT / Ma'AT) together with other Ancient Egyptian Scripture on a new level of accuracy. Until now, science has not understood how the Egyptians were able to build two exactly similar statues, paintings or even buildings. We can account for this through the theory of mirror writing.

Cooperation: This project definitely contains many possibilities for all kinds of cooperation with any parties sharing our interests.

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Theory of Everything and Nothing

Branch of science: all the branches of science based on Truth

Abstract: “Theory of Everything and Nothing” is a description of the universe and the comprehensive division into dualism relating into it. Dualism is implemented with the terms “Being” and “Non-Being”. Theory of Everything and Nothing includes all the theories that have been existed already and those which have not, and it even describes the interaction and relative position of any other two different theories. This Theory explains e.g. the relation between the Super massive black holes and the Theory of Relativity, relation between the (true) Primes and other numerical systems, relation between the chemical elements and the universe in general, together with the relation between Atheism and the other religions. Theory of Everything and Nothing is the ultimate cause and effect of our research work.

In February 2016 Theory of Everything and Nothing has already help us to develop a whole new definition of Primes (with calculation rules), and to form the basics of psychology for a person to reach the enlightenment (and also to describe this process with the neurological terms). At the moment we are excited to notice how this simple Theory seems to be able to explain “Everything and Nothing”. The only challenge is to understand which terms in that specific field of science corresponds with the “general terms” of the Theory itself.

Cooperation: If you are interested of this study and willing to participate, without your ego trying to stop you, contact us.

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