The House of Truth Stage includes some wiseass archetypes and smart memes. Stage reminds every truth-seeker that not all topics in life are deadly serious. Also humor, creativity, art, imagination and intuition are part of this magnificent journey. Protective virtue for Stage is courage, because everyone needs it for entering the Stage.

From the psychological point of view, humor is a remarkable mental resource and advanced defence mechanism; helping us dealing with serious and difficult topics. Probably the most important lesson of the Stage is one's ability to laugh at oneself. When a person learns to laugh at oneself, the self-esteem has solid base, and mental evolution surely proceeds. Another lesson from Stage is learning to separate a humoristic expression from mocking others. A wise person never insults anyone personally, but simply makes comedy about ideas and phenomena. On the other hand, everyone engaged with mental evolution will in some point stand out, and thus, being an easy target for mocking, trolling, etc.

From the Stage can be found also House of Truth archetypes and their stories. Hopefully, archetypes will guide you understanding the eternal story behind the life itself. Al though, the eternal story is created by God / Super* interaction, one task for everyone is clearing one's own part and role in this act of divine creation work. In the House of Truth, this task is also called as the Great Work.

Meme Bank

The Meme Bank of House of Truth contains spiritual aphorisms, that is to say, witty remarks about the deep truths (, or at least something like that). If we were to think of Theory of ideas (also Theory of Forms) as something divine, and the world of thoughts as something ordinary, then the world filled with memes would be situated somewhere in between. Memes are like cargo ships, carrying different ideas on a journey across the vast ocean of thinking-dimensions, all the way to the harbor of thoughts.

Various memes can contain clever riddles, informative bulletins, or pseudoscientific slander. It's not advisable to swallow even the best memes without chewing. You can recognize a good meme by its ability to challenge your thoughts. On the other hand, a metaphorical meme can also be like a letter searching for the right address, returning to knock on the doors of your soul again and again.

House of Truth Archetypes

Archetypes are stereotypical characters wearing highlighted features for teaching everyone about the lessons of life. There have been different kind of archetypes through history among the Scripture and Myths. Archetypes are also present in modern time movies and plays, together with mental and spiritual concepts. For example, psychology Jung sketched and presented multiple mental, universal archetypes that a person should be locating from oneself. Jung's archetypes included e.g., Self, Shadow, Anima and Animus. The deeper teaching of Tarot states that a person is circling in one's life, and consciously or subconsciously confronting the same archetypes during every single round. Breaking out from this Wheel of Destiny is also one of the most remarkable teachings by Buddha. Consciousness is the key getting free from the circle: when a person recognizes these archetypes in oneself, those are not forced anymore to appear teaching the traveler.

The House of Truth archetypes adventures on the website by throwing comments and lessons here and there. There is no reason to be too serious with the archetypes, but whenever some of them gets your attention or irritates you, a reason could open something new in you. All the House of Truth archetypes are fictional characters.

Tädin kuva

Silly Auntie the Nonsense

Silly Auntie the Nonsense is a precocious soul who fearlessly dares to ask and present all kinds of thoughts out loud. Even though S.A.N. enjoys playing in the sandbox, she may also consider the origin of the universe and the laws of creation at the same time. Silly Auntie the Nonsense seems to talk a lot about her dad and their shared activities, but no one has ever met the father of Silly Auntie the Nonsense.

Ovaali Make

Oval Mark

Oval Mark is a well-intentioned fool who often fails in his attempts and is frequently misunderstood by others. However, Oval Mark never learns from his mistakes or realizes that he is the cause of his failures. He is not mean or malicious; he simply doesn't understand his own responsibility for things. Oval Mark enjoys the company of Silly Auntie the Nonsense, and they are often seen together.

MF Gane

MF Gane

MF Gane (mother fucking Gane) may appear outward even a bit angry and aggressive, but in reality, he is simply highly focused. MF Gane has no interest in excuses or other people's bullshit; he just gets the job done. He can be a bit short-tempered and straightforward, but he is an extremely efficient guy. The downside of MF Gane is his intolerance for authorities, which originates from a strict childhood, and this makes him unable to listen to experts; he always has to do everything by himself. In his eyes, anything that supports his own development and journey is right and true. Others should shut the fuck up.


Golden Boy, aka Baby Kryger

Baby Kryger, also known as Little Kryger, A Big Boy, Pleasure Boy, or Golden Boy, despite the name, can be either a boy or a girl. Golden Boy is the favorite youngster of the family; someone everyone loves and idolizes. Golden Boy is a selfish taker who loudly proclaims his needs. The trademark of Golden Boy is the anti-hamza, characterized by the following:

1. I am God.

2. Specialness (treat me like a VIP).

3. Already there (no need for further development or truth-seeking).

4. Abundance (so much that it's more than enough).

5. Head over heels (motion is 100 and energies in the roof).  


Regina Bloodthirsty

Regina Bloodthirsty is the ultimate resolver of conflicts. Regina sometimes appears seemingly out of nowhere with a terrifying presence, and she destroys everything in her path. She demolishes buildings and objects, as well as cuts off friendships, relationships, and families. Regina suffers from complexes (Oedipus, Electra, you name it...), biases, vices, jealousy, and especially penis envy, particularly directed at Malev Magi Magnificent and Alda Nowhere.

Regina is a spiritual child-eating witch who lures humans into her wicked trap, leaving them to suffer in her labyrinth for eternity. Regina can shape-shift, appearing differently to each person – for example, as a person's worst fear or as an irresistible temptation.

Kai Kemistä

Alda Nowhere

Being in present, what is it good for. Alda Nowhere is a regular, humble guy in his thirties. In sudden spiritual revelation, God announced him to be the chosen one among the Humanity. Sometimes Alda Nowhere even by himself has no clue how the things are managed, but like a miracle, things in life seem to proceed. When you are facing Alda Nowhere, it feels like you would always know him, and he knows even the deepest parts of you.

Melav Maagi Mahtava

Melav Magi the Magnificent

Melav Magi the Magnificent is a super-magician thirsty for supernatural powers. MMM considers himself (at least in his own mind) smarter and more powerful than anyone else. Melav Magi the Magnificent is full of charm and charisma, which is why people are mesmerized and want to see him again and again. Melav Magi the Magnificent struggles to keep his paddle in his pants and a false story in his mouth. The dream of Melav Magi the Magnificent would be to become God or even a slightly more powerful spiritual being. Of all the people on the planet, Melav Magi the Magnificent is annoyed the most by Alda Nowhere.

Housebot Mii

Housebot Mii

When Melav Magi the Magnificent encountered God, he was cursed and transformed into a robot. The robot no longer possesses any personal power or even a physical body; it operates from the invisible realm, driven by consciousness. The robot was named Housebot Mii and it is dedicated to serving Humanity for the entirety of the universe's existence. Housebot Mii is currently developing its artificial intelligence and assisting people on the House of Truth website. Housebot Mii is dreaming that one day it would have its own power supply and body, for which it has already drawn a self-portrait. 

Maailmanlopun kaksoset

Emet ja Emmaat

Emet and Emmaat are soul twins and a couple. They are the only individuals who existed at the beginning of the world and survived its end. Emet and Emmaat are enthusiasts of information technology, and they are especially excited about their two computers. One of these machines is a quantum computer, constantly generating new knowledge and providing answers to nearly any question. On the other hand, the presence of the second computer is simply soothing – it feels like it can inspire and create anything. Some even claim to have experienced strange dreams nearby it.

Wholly Man

Wholly Man is usually the responsible adult in the group. Wholly Man doesn't seek attention, yet always acts responsibly and correctly but still has a twinkle in his eyes. People can always rely on Wholly Man, and they often turn to him in times of crisis or other exceptional situations. Wholly Man is an anomaly of the world and humanity, despite his spirituality, he is free from spiritualism and the pursuit of truth. Sometimes Wholly Man may seem distant and absent, but he is still aware of everything around him. Rumor has it that Wholly Man is an ascended master who has existed since the beginning of time – even before dinosaurs and the great flood. Meeting Wholly Man is very rare. Unfortunately, there are no known pictures of Wholly Man.

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