The Meme Bank of House of Truth contains spiritual aphorisms, that is to say, witty remarks about the deep truths (, or at least something like that). If we were to think of Theory of ideas (also Theory of Forms) as something divine, and the world of thoughts as something ordinary, then the world filled with memes would be situated somewhere in between. Memes are like cargo ships, carrying different ideas on a journey across the vast ocean of thinking-dimensions, all the way to the harbor of thoughts.

Various memes can contain clever riddles, informative bulletins, or pseudoscientific slander. It's not advisable to swallow even the best memes without chewing. You can recognize a good meme by its ability to challenge your thoughts. On the other hand, a metaphorical meme can also be like a letter searching for the right address, returning to knock on the doors of your soul again and again.

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