The pharaos of the Ancient Egypt were familiar with the symbolism of the temples and of "the most high". After all, the term 'pharaoh' can be translated as 'Great House'. After the pharaohs and after the priests of the Old Testament, it was probably Jesus who first truly understood the hidden lesson behind the sacred temples. There are three sacred parts in the human being. The first of the is the Body, which is the outer layer of us. The second is holier than the first one, and it is our Soul – the inner layer. The most holy of our inner temple is the Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the All and thus it is everything. It is all the three parts of every one of us, and more.


Trinity of Man = Body + Soul + Spirit, and

Holy Spirit = Knowledge + Life, where Knowledge is Spirit and Life includes e.g. Soul + Body.


Symbolically Jesus removed the veil of his temple (= himself) and thus there was no more room for lie and vice in his Soul. When this happens, the Soul is prepared to unite again with Father. When the Soul is pure, virgin, the mental marriage is formed between Father and the feminine aspects (= Soul and Body) of a person. After that, the same person is called the Son of Man. He was born again, not of Nature anymore, but of Water and Spirit.


The Holy Spirit is both Father and Mother and therefore Jesus considered it the highest authority (e.g. Matthew 12:32, Mark 3:29, and Luke 12:10). This same lesson is taught in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, where the most severe sins are targeted at the most holy God (= the Holy Spirit) (See e.g. Spell 125, Faulkner, 2011). These sins appear toward the end of the path through the narrow gates, which we all have to pass. If a person is unaware that he/she is going through these gates, that means that he/she definitely is. Without this spiritual knowledge, this person is usually stuck inside of one of the gates and frustrated by the situation in his/her life. The parable of the narrow gates is also taught by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 7:13).


The Way of Truth and Life

The Way of Truth leads us through the narrow gates. Jesus once said it: “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." (John 14:6) This is the most important lesson. Above, we already expanded our understanding concerning the Truth and the Life - the two trees (Genesis 2:9). The only thing left is the Way. And this is the beginning, because it is impossible to walk a path without the knowledge of its very existence. The Way must be understood just like we must learn the Rules of Creation. These Rules are the only possibility to walk this path, and to follow e.g. Jesus, Muhammad, and Buddha, and others. The House of Truth teaches and guides those who wish to consciously enter a process of spiritual transformation. This process is called the Way of Truth.


The term ‘I Am’ used by Jesus above refers also to the Book of the Dead (also known as the Papyrus of ANI), whose main character is called ANI. ANI can be understood and translated in Hebrew as ‘I Am’. This is the same name which Moses used of God himself (Exodus 3:14). ‘I Am’ refers to the deepest level of our mind, which is the level of identity and ego. As Jesus taught us, we are the Way, the Truth and the Life. Jesus gave us an example to follow. He taught us that getting know ourselves and then denying ourselves once we truly become aware of our evil, animal-kind nature. The sacrifice of our identity is the Way out of the web of lies that we - and other people have built for us - our whole lives. Every time we use the term ‘I Am’ in vain, we commit a sin against the name of our God, who is the Most High.

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