Hi, I have been studying the Bible, the Bhagavad Gita, the Quran, the Apocryptic texts etc., followed the seven virtues and tried avoiding the seven deadly sins. I have noticed the effect in doing good deeds: following acts of love truly has released me from much of my older jealousy and envy. I feel, therefore, that I have advanced on the path to wisdom, but I still feel disconnected from God. What should I do more or differently?



There are a lot of possible answers here. The first is to look for a certain type of mindset. To free oneself from judgment and criticism – this is the most important aspect. When studying any knowledge, or even holy scripture – of any creed or kind – it is important to look for similarity, not difference. Religions and science might compete over who is right and who is wrong, but the truth is, they are all in the right.


We are raised to criticise and to have an opinion. If you are used to looking for flaw, you have to learn to appreciate likeness. We should not judge before learning and understanding. While learning, we should try to aim at the new mindset rather than new knowledge. In fact, it is not necessary to spend time by studying and reading, but it is usually helpful in the process of learning not to judge. And once you start this process, you will agree that it makes no difference who is right or wrong. At the beginning, there is no right or wrong, good or bad. Finding Truth is about relinquishing the extremes, and finding balance and oneness.


How do we find this balance? If you are an atheist, you should learn everything about religion – all religions. If you are a Christian, you should study other religions and science. If you are a pacifist, you should learn war strategy. If you are a kind person, learn about cruelty. If you are selfish, learn about generosity. You must first learn to know yourself and then to let go of all extremes, and of yourself. The process is like a vast map composed of hundreds of little milestones, each of which you have to explore individually. It is very easy indeed to try and conquer this unknown country in one blow; travel patiently! There are certain challenges to muddle through and lessons to learn, which will take some time.


In order to control the mind and fears, one must learn to master the basics in the mental world – hypnosis, trance, meditation, relaxation, memory techniques, yoga and dreams. We must know the structure of our thoughts: what they are composed of and what they represent. Then we can start to use, program and modify our thoughts consciously. Mediation is different from hypnosis: it is about quieting the mind and it is said that through meditation it is possible to attain enlightenment. However, before knowing oneself this probably will not occur through meditation alone.   


The main thing is not whether one succeeds but to practice and to persist. We should strive for development in both worlds – the material one and the mental one. In the material world we should read books and papers, and adopt information from a variety of other sources. This is half of it, i.e. information. The other half is other people. It has been said that we are the average of the closest people around us. It means that we drift towards the things and qualities which we converse with daily. In other words, we should study the people we spend our time with. The values, world views and motives we are surrounded by definitely affect us subconsciously.


Information: watching the news will leave you with a lot of negative stories. Watching violent TV shows will immerse you in a cynical world view. We should treat ourselves to different types of information equally and truthfully. Of course we each have our personal favorites – books, TV shows and newspapers – but if you stay hooked on a certain worldview, it will have an effect in your life. Nothing is good in excess.


There are two delusions in life which most of us remain captives to. They are the delusion about gold (or money and wealth); and delusion about death. We must free ourselves of them.


Whoever looks for God will also find Satan. After all, there is never one without the other. Evil is often the extreme which is more active and alive, which is why refinement will hurt at first. We must never let evil win, but finish the process. Eventually, the divine is found inside each person, because we all are the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Learn the Way of Truth presented here, in House of Truth.


The original sin of a man is ignorance in mental world (our thoughts), and blindly seeking the sense pleasures in physical world. Release yourself of them by honest regret. Seek and ask for the Truth, not personal but universal.


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