In the the Book of Genesis, original sin is described as eating from the Tree of Knowledge and as such, disobedience to God’s will. This story implies that humans are born evil.


This story has been told incorrectly. In some Jewish traditions it is a well known fact that Moses used symbolic language to protect the Knowledge because of the power hidden in his tales and in their wisdom. As a symbolic story, the Book of Genesis implies that the woman, who hands the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge to Adam, is evil. However, it is important to know that Holy Spirit itself has both a feminine and masculine side to it. The masculine knowledge is the static truth - unchanging - such as the Principles Nature. The feminine knowledge is dynamic: it is about applying the wisdom and making choices based on knowledge. Through choice enter good and evil: this is why feminine knowledge is sometimes called evil. To those who can read symbolic language, it is clear that in the Book of Genesis, 'woman' refers to this feminine power of Knowledge, not the woman or women as such. In Egyptian hieroglyphs this feminine aspect is called TeFNuT and masculine aspect SHu. They exist before the beginning, when Heavens and Earth is created. Bible begins not until this first act is done.


"There is only one good, knowledge, and one evil, ignorance." (Socrates)


"The ignorant person, who clings to things that are worthless and transient, creates in him or herself more and more dangerous illusions. But when desire dies, illusions end, and ignorance vanishes like the night. Then the sun of enlightenment shines." (Buddha: The Sun of Enlightenment Shines)


"Jesus said, "Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing."" (Jesus Christ: Luke 23:34)


Original sin is not about eating from the tree of Knowledge. We all were given the divine consciousness as a gift at birth. Original sin is the dream state in which mankind is trapped. This dream state is described by Leonardo da Vinci, Kahlil Gibran, Jesus and so many others teachers of wisdom. After awakening from the dream state and learning our duty, ethics and the knowledge about cosmos - we are obliged to implement Good in our lives. To sin is to know what would be right and good, but still doing the opposite - or leaving the 'right thing' to others.


House of Truth is about teaching people that it is everyman’s duty to continually and actively eat from the tree of Knowledge. Knowledge is Father and our way to salvation.


This is our sacred duty and the only route to developing and refining ourselves. On this route we must avoid the seven deadly sins and follow the seven virtues (Egyptian seven Kau). No-one is born evil or good. We come to this world in balance - in relation to cosmos, nature and other people.


The teachers of wisdom have understood this lesson and enjoyed the fruits of the Tree of Knowledge throughout their lives. The right thing to do is to understand that you are linked and tapped into the Knowledge already. Oneness is the key for the pure-hearted to opening the gates. This connection can be called oneness with God or the Holy Ghost, or success in learning the ageless wisdom of the universe, finding the Philosopher's Stone etc.


When the pupil becomes a master, he/she does not necessarily become a teacher. When the master goes through the illumination process (the Way of Truth), he/she already has everything one needs in this life. This illumination can be called "returning home" or "a mental marriage", which is materialized. These masters usually choose the path of solitude and seclude themselves from society and other people. It is instructive and liberating to be free from the thoughts and influence of other people.


After his illumination Jesus could have stayed in the desert in solitude, and led a happy life. Despite this Jesus made the most selfless decision known in the history of man. Jesus chose to love humankind so much that he decided to take original sin away by teaching us ethics and knowledge about cosmos. Jesus shouldered the indifference and dream state of people. He decided to fight against evil. He decided to teach the common man about the message of the two trees – the eternal life and the Way of Truth.


Jesus died because of people’s ignorance. The power of the ego made people deny his teachings and knowledge. They chose to judge and crucify Jesus, whose love for Life and Knowledge was supreme. They took his life, but fortunately the enlightened master does not measure anything in terms of life and death.


According to Nag Hammadi texts, Jesus had time to teach 12 men and 7 women to continue the great work. The noble-minded disciples continued the battles against original sin. They were mostly judged and murdered like criminals. Their legacy and teaching - of Jesus and his disciples - has been misrepresented and edited to fit selfish purposes. It is our duty to learn everything ourselves, from the original sources and by developing our minds toward purity and good.


Everyone should now understand original sin and may you take a responsibility of awakening from it. Remember that anyone who asks, receives forgiveness. Whoever cannot understand this, cannot understand why Jesus died. And to understand why Jesus died, one needs to understand why he lived and what he knew.


Example of the language of symbolism

At the beginning, the Son of Man was united and immortal. Son of Man was connected to the All, and thus the Father which is the Knowledge. Son of Man was both masculine and feminine. By eating from the forbidden tree, the Son of Man divided into forms - man (Earth) and woman (Heaven). This was the beginning of the mortal man and the introduction of death. According to the Law, when something begins, something ends. There was no Son of Man anymore. All people are born from this separation and therefore animal- kind or beast-kind, even evil. This is the Biblical original sin according to the Law.


Jesus taught us to come back to our Father (the Way of Truth), and to deny the Beast inside us which is the source of our sin. A mental marriage is when a separated mind is able to wash itself empty, and assume a virgin state once more. This is the origin of a true baptism (Baptism of Water, Fire and the Holy Spirit together). John the Baptist preached about this mental baptism and blessed Jesus inside the Human Heart to begin his great work. The virgin-like mind is able to connect to Father, so that a person is born again as a Son of Man - pure and righteous. Son of Man is not born of this animal-kind of physical world, but of the Kingdom of Heaven, even tough he/she would be still living here on Earth. However, the Son of Man is still nothing before refining the Knowledge into righteous behavior. What happens in the mind, has to take a place on the level of behavior in our daily lives.


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