The Book of Job is a precise account of the spiritual Solve et Coagula process in the mental world. Job is a virtuous man, facing the destruction of his earthly life. This includes the deaths of his loved ones, losing his possessions, experiencing solitude, illness and daunting pain. 


Solve et Coagula, in essence, is a process of rebirth.The phoenix bird (Egyptian BeNNu bird. Also notice that BeN Nu in Hebrew is "Son of Father-God Nu") is the mythological symbol of the process. The first phase of Solve et Coagula creates significant pain in the human mind – a pain so strong that the mind is simply incapable of controlling the situation and it melts. This is why Solve et Coagula is traditionally translated as ”dissolve and coagulate”. When the mind empties, a person also stops believing. There is nothing but silence, Tabula Rasa, the empty slate. This is still not the state of the illumination, but rather a state of accepting the Baptism of Father, which is symbolized as Water that floods away all the thoughts.


The next phase of the process involves building a new world and a new person. Accounts of rebirth can be found in most religions and sacred texts. A person who is baptized with water, has not found safety or salvation. The baptized person will enter the new world with Knowledge of Father (also called the Rules of Creation, Baptism of Water). These Rules will be tested with any means necessary, which means experiencing painful situations and making tough decisions. John the Baptist says in Matthew (3:11): “I baptize you with water for repentance. But after me comes one who is more powerful than I, whose sandals I am not worthy to carry. He will baptize you with the Holy Spirit and fire." Jesus symbolizes the fire that enters your life after finding the connection to Father.


The Book of Job teaches us some important truths:

There is no lasting or forever-enduring state of existence. The horrors experienced by Job eventually subside. Each experience is a temporary state of affairs in this life and world, which is always in the process of evolving. If you experience something you might interpret as a Solve et Coagula process, the Book of Job will offer you insight and comfort. You are not alone; this process is integral to every person's life, whether it be a minor process or something quite radical as it was for Job. The process is about transformation and it is a pathway to something new and meaningful.


Your tools in this process are Faith, Hope and Love. By hoping, or in other words, praying, you will survive and overcome this spiritual process. Also, you must have faith in the Holy Spirit and its fairness. Remember the teachings of love and virtue! You must renounce bitterness, anger and vengefulness to proceed. With all of your Heart - trust and believe in Truth.


Before reaching the end of the process, or rebirth, you will be haunted by fears. You must face the fear of being alone and your fear of losing the people around you. You might face the fear of being ridiculed or judged by other people, the fear of failure, the fear of illness and, finally, the fear of death. Here, you must remember: you cannot overcome all fears at once – you must face them one by one with persistence. You cannot win 72 or even 7 opponents in one blow, rather you will fight each of them individually. You will also evolve in each battle and you will become more self-aware. Eventually you will notice that the only thing to fear is fear itself. This fear is sometimes called Satan (Egyptian aPeP, aPoPHiS). This is what Job learned through his battle – fear takes many forms but they all come from the same source – Satan. Satan is merely our own ego in the mental world. You yourself are your greatest opponent in this life, but like Job, you will win the battle. You do not have to do this alone, because Father and Son will help you as soon as you can understand them and thus know them.


The universal Solve et Coagula

Solve et Coagula was experienced also by e.g. Jesus and Mohammad. They both withdrew into solitude to face the battle. After returning from the desert they had overcome all fears and had discovered the source of all fear. Solve et Coagula is a fundamental process which has given birth to everything both tangible and intangible in this world.


The Book of Job also contains references to the Egyptian pyramids and to certain natural elements which could be utilized to create modern-day miracles. Gold, silver and copper are already extensively employed in modern technology. However, the entire world will soon experience the Solve et Coagula process and there will come a time when we must choose between ego and virtue. The ego will tell us to wear the gold around our necks just for plain vanity. The teachers of virtue will tell us to use the gold for producing common good – such as a free and environment-friendly electric grid for the entire world.


The most important message here is that all of us will experience what Job did. All of us will experience Solve et Coagula and most will experience it a number of times. The process must be learned and understood before it happens. This will prevent future wars, suicides and school shootings. When the process commences, it is extremely important to maintain virtuous values and thoughts, because the process also contains risks. To avoid tragedy we must acquire the wisdom and the knowledge for making virtuous choices and having faith in the Holy Spirit.


The language of symbolism uses the terms Water and Fire to describe the phases of Solve et Coagula. These same symbols can be found in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life; the Pillar of Mercy symbolises Father and Water, while the Pillar of Severity symbolises Son and Fire. House of Truth prefers terms Baptism of Water and Baptism of Fire, because Way of Truth is here taught with these symbolic words.


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