Hello, I have a question about the Apocalypse of Peter from Nag Hammadi Library. What is the Laughing Savior on the tree?



The Laughing One is the part of Jesus which arose to Father and to the eternal life. In symbolic language the term Dying God is the One who actually dies on the cross. The dying part is the evil part of humans which is referred to in symbolic language as the Mother and Nature. The divine part of Jesus is from the Father and rises to Heaven - our consciousness. The divine one is called the Living God or Living Savior and often the Son of Man.


There are totally three trees to get familiar with, and not until then a one can be the Laughing Savior on the tree. In the Way of Truth, the first tree is the Tree of Knowledge and on top of that, there is the Baptism of Water. The second tree is the Tree of Life and on top of that, there is the Baptism of Fire. After the two trees, extremes to each other, there will be the third tree - the balance. The balance is never possible without understanding and personal experience of the two extremes - Mercy and Severity. The Laughing Savior is full of Joy, he has been baptized three times and thus he has experienced transfiguration.


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