There is one certain and a powerful cause for failure on the spiritual path. We can learn at this website about the union of Water and Fire. In symbolic language, we can state that a person will fail, when he/she enters the Lake of Fire without the Baptism of Water first.


This means that a person must learn to know Father, before he/she is ready to enter Mother’s world once again. If we do not know Father (Knowledge, Truth) it is like a brown hare trying to fight against a lion. Sometimes we can escape, but that is all we can do. Knowing Father means that a person needs to clear his/her mind. This process is described e.g. in the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead.


First we enter the Way of Truth. The first phase is called the Pillar of Mercy in Kabbalah. At this point, our main goal is to understand the Trinity of Being. We are a mixture of three parts: the Body, the Soul and the Spirit. Our body is the visible part, and our soul is our thoughts such as our identity, values, beliefs and know-how. At this point, we should also realize that the greatest good and evil exist on the level of identity and therefore originate in our own mind. Our Spirit is the part that leads us forward, away from our personal being. The Spirit unites us to the All, as our Spirit is a part of the All – the Holy Spirit. By realising this, we can state that the same beauty which exists inside us exists everywhere in Cosmos, and in every other person and every other animal and plant, too.


The first phase is also called Solve in Latin - dissolving or clearing our mind in English. Through the Spirit, we will make a connection to the All, and the foundation of this connection is Mercy. Mercy leads to Love, and love leads to healing. Therefore we will empty our thoughts, and symbolically lose (release) our mind, which means Ego. Our goal is also known as Tabula Rasa (blank slate) (De Anima or On the Soul, Book III, chapter 4, by Aristotle), and when our mind is empty (or Virgin), it will die and unite with our Father. Father enters only the minds that are empty and virgin.


We will measure our own thoughts every day, but after (or at the same time) when uniting with our Father, our heart is weighed against the feather of the Justice and Divine Order. This symbol is called Ma’AT, and it represents the First Law. The First Law is called the Rules of Creation, by which the whole Cosmos is created. We do not need to know all the facts at this point, because we will be united with our Father through Mercy and Love. This is the first and Lesser test. Our mind is flushed into a virgin state, and that is why it is symbolically called e.g. 'the Great Flood', 'Weighting our Heart' and 'the Tabula Rasa'. As an additional comment we can state that every time e.g. Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha and Krishna teach about the Law or Ethics, they actually refer to this same law, the Rules of Creation.


Those who take this test of Weighting their Heart while looking for a prize such as money, gold, fame etc., will never see the greatest prize - Father, nor pass it. Several persons are able to make this connection very weakly and seek only for the prizes. This connection will open the gates of imagination and creativity, and soon the person understands that everything is possible in Life and Cosmos. However, this is nothing but a trap. Lots of people have ended up confused following the prizes, but for them the spiritual path ends there.


This first phase of the journey is called Water. In the Bible, John the Baptist is depicted as the symbol of the first phase. John taught us that he baptised people with Water, and later there would be Jesus, who would baptise with Fire. John and Water represent the Knowledge. Knowledge is the information about good and evil (and about Cosmos), and correspondingly Jesus and Fire are the symbols of actual doing, or acting. Father is the Rules (or the First Law), and Son (or tamed Life) is to live by the Rules. Living by the Rules is the Bigger Test, in which many will fail too, but as Jesus taught us “But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.” (Matthew 24:13)


So as an answer to our question - why people fail on the spiritual path - we can state that when a person enters the Fire without the Baptism of the Water, he/she will burn. The deceased eyes cannot see the Sun as righteous ones can. As said, it is extremely hard to follow the Rules (at the Fire) without connection to Father. In the Bible is said: “He replied, “Every plant that my heavenly Father has not planted will be pulled up by the roots. Leave them; they are blind guides. If the blind lead the blind, both will fall into a pit” (Matthew 13:13-14). Jesus meant the plants to be our thoughts and emotions, and because Father has not planted those - those are not congruent with the Truth itself, and that is why they must be pulled up by the roots. Blind guides are the people and our subconscious before Father has entered there. Blind guides are the False Prophet and your own Superego.


So the only guideline for you in this case is that, follow no-one, but seek our Father. Father has surely many names such as Knowledge, Truth, Absolute Truth etc. Learn to Know Thyself, then learn the Trinity of Being, then seek for Mercy for your Body and Soul through honest contrition, and then you are finally ready to Weigh your Heart. That event will change your life permanently, and there will be no failure on your path anymore. Truth is the most powerful ally, and the more people seek for the answers, the nearer the truth will be.


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