Ancient Egyptian religion had no official holy book equivalent, for instance, to the Bible or the Qu'ran. The concepts and relations between deities and symbols did not become fixed but rather changed and developed for thousands of years (Pinch, 2002). I must a bit disagree with Dr. Pinch here, because all the remarkable Egyptian texts share the same message about purifying the Human Heart. The divine order of Gods are also the same, when e.g. the Lesser and the Greater companion of the Gods is concerned. And then, what is the Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, if it is not a holy book equivalent to the Bible and the Qu'ran?


This is why we should study Egypt: Egypt witnessed one of the heydays of ancient knowledge taking form here on Earth. The same knowledge has taken form in other parts and periods of time, e.g. in the Mayan, the Aztec, and Greek and Roman Empires. The knowledge is the same everywhere. The tales are the same. For instance, to understand Jesus' or Tesla's or Newton's or Leonardo's teachings, one should definitely study Egyptian history and religion.


There are several sources of ancient Egyptian Scripture, and House of Truth presents them equally and without prejudice. The more we read and internalize the Egyptian Scripture, the better we start to see its congruence e.g. to the Bible. There are many common concepts such as Trinities, Father-Son unions and Virgin Mothers, narrow gates, holy pigeons, great fishes, day and night arks with animals and even the Creation Myths with the Great Floods (Pinch, 2002; Signs and Symbols, 2008).


The concepts of Alchemy and Astrology were already present in ancient Egypt. These concepts can also be referred to below and above. The Egyptian mysteries are waiting for the modern explorers to explain and apply them in practice. There are many lost sciences that must wake up once more. Humanity needs to adopt more powerful techniques for learning and memorizing. We also need practice the balancing of our brain functions for instance through mirror writing, or learning the ancient Egyptian language – hieroglyphs.


We highly recommend the modern scientists to learn about sacred geometry, the mathematics of pyramid-building and the benefits of the sun-gazing-techniques. There is a lot more the Ancient Egypt has to offer us than meets the eye. Have you ever wonder what is the true meaning of the Bible phrase: "And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: “Out of Egypt I called my son.”" in Matthew 2:15?


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