The courses and lectures in House of Truth offer interesting and important issues about self-knowledge, new mental resources and skills, together with mental development and spiritual way in general. All the courses and lectures are giving general education and thus they fit to everyone, no matter degree of education, profession, gender, or religious views.


Timeless wisdom and symbols 4

Timeless wisdom and symbols -course includes several separated small-courses and studies. Here you can get familiar with the most common symbols of Scripture, which are more than often misinterpreted. The language of symbolism (parables, metaphors, metaphor system in NLP) is the foundation of human mind together with everything and nothing.


Basics of Astrology 5

The Basics of Astrology gives you an understanding of physical, mental and collective point of views of Astrology. Sometimes people falsely think Astrology to be only a tool for foretelling and even “scamming” other people. This course will show you, in few lessons, why Astrology is one of the Mother sciences that have created all the modern fields of sciences. The so called "normal, personal Astrology" is almost entirely ignored in this course.


Know Thyself 1

Course Know Thyself includes separated short-courses, where different parts of Soul and self-knowledge are concerned. This course is common knowledge and deep psychological understanding of yourself and other people. Course menu enlarges whenever new material is finished.


Basics of Theory of Everything and Nothing 1

This course is about studying and understanding the Theory of Everything and Nothing, which is also the guide of self-knowledge and self-development. Theory of Everything and Nothing answers and explains e.g. what are soul and mind, what is the exact structure of soul, and how one can better control his/her own soul. Theory of Everything and Nothing unites all the religious views with the terminology of modern science, and thus harmonizes i) the eye accessing cues of NLP, ii) id, superego and ego of Freud, together with iii) the Ancient Egyptian divine order of gods and goddesses. As a result, the chain of definitions is formed, and these suggestions are then proved whenever it’s possible. This is how the Way of Truth is revealed - the eternal path that leads to the transfiguration and enlightenment.


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