The Zodiac and star signs relate to manifold myth and superstition. Astrological readings are based on the exact moment and place of birth of a person, which are thought to have effect, to the smallest detail, in that person’s course of life and life choices. This interpretation of astrology is not the truth. It can of course happen, that the general pattern of a certain star sign will fit well to a group of people. However, this cannot be generalized as the truth. Stars, planets and the movement of celestial bodies can have a role in understanding personality types of people – but do not offer any serious life guidance.


The collective perspective of the Zodiac is the opposite of personal fortune-telling. In the stars of Zodiac, there is a hidden eternal Way, which is and has been for every one of us always the same. The Eastern teachers such as Laozi and Confucius described it as Tao (or Dao). Jesus Christ called it simply the Way and after him Muhammad talked about the one and only religion – the Truth.


Since these descriptions are multifaceted, it is indeed possible that on the first read nothing seems to make sense. This eternal story will not ever change, so whenever a person’s heart is ready for the truth, these words will be found again.



Gemini (also Twins) refers to the dualism of the Holy Spirit – the Knowledge and the Life. The knowledge is also known as the Spirit of the Truth and the Truth, and correspondingly the life is also known as the Breath of Life, the Circle of Life and the Circle of Dharma. In the Bible the twins are also the Father and the Son. At the age of 7-13 years, man is divided on the spiritual level into Soul and Spirit. This is when a person is dispelled form paradise. Because these twins (soul and spirit) are no longer connected, there is suffering and misery in one’s life. The following years thus have only one true aim: to return home to our spiritual Father (Knowledge). The return of the prodigal son is called the Baptism of Water in the Way of Truth.



Taurus is the master of the seven cows (see e.g. the Egyptian Book of the Dead). These animals are divided into four categories, of which three are composed of two females, and one of male and female. These four parts are the four parts of human’s heart (memory, creativity, reason, emotion) which develop always. In the heart of a reborn man these four parts are tamed to produce a righteous harvest and they appear as the Four Sons of Horus. The opposite of Taurus is Scorpio, who tries to get lock into the old identity, beliefs and habits of the struggling man in the Baptism of Fire. The Scorpio is the master manipulator of memory, creativity, reason and emotion. After all, in Egyptian mythology, the seven holy cows meet their extremes, which are seven poisonous Scorpios. Together, these seven pairs are known as hieroglyph Ka(u). Finally, all seven parts of the Sacred Eye are together and meet their spiritual husband – the Gemini (knowledge and life).



Aries is the holy animal herded by the shepherd, and they thrill in loneliness and spirituality. On the Way of Truth, Aries is the last sign before the Weighting of the Heart, where a person is measured against the Feather of Justice and Divine Order. If a person cannot be like Aries and detach from society, the heart will never be ready for measuring, and therefore a person will not enter the second part on the Way of Truth. Leaving society is one of the narrow gates on the Way.



Pisces, the two fish, begin their journey after the Baptism of Fire. Pisces are the pilots of a mental Ark of a person. They are known as the Two Witnesses. They are Father and Son. After the Baptism of Fire they are eternally rejoined together. One cannot appear without the other anymore, just like in Gemini there is no knowledge without life, nor life without knowledge. Pisces are reunited because a person has purified his/her soul. As soon as a person’s soul is pure as the Virgo - the opposite sign of Pisces – the mental marriage takes place. In the mental marriage, the soul is reunited with the spirit, and thus a person will never be born again or see death. Pisces leads out of the Circle of Life.



Aquarius has been baptized in the Water of Mercy. Aquarius is united with the spiritual Father of Cosmos – the knowledge and the truth itself. The Baptism of Fire is all about the Great War between Aquarius and the king of the beasts – Leo. In the Greater Peace, the king of the beasts is tamed and transformed into a temperate riding horse and thence Aquarius is transformed into the Rider on a White Horse (see the Book of Revelation). In Egyptian hieroglyphs, the sign of a lion is divided into two parts, of which the lion’s behind is Shu (Father, Knowledge) and the lion’s head is TeFNuT (Mother Nature, Life). Hereby the whole lion is knowledge and life together, and Aquarius rides a double lion – the Holy Spirit.



The Capricorn has just stepped onto the Way of Truth. The Capricorn stumbles on slippery ice, step by step. It has bravely started the quest for the Truth, but the surrounding bushes are full of hunters. Capricorn’s travel mate is its opposite sign, Cancer, who points its scissors tightly toward the past, thinking the safe and secure is the best route to follow. Capricorn’s only chance is to transform into Aries and thus to dedicate oneself to seeking the Truth.



The Sagittarius has an infinite number of arrows in his quiver. His arrows are the lightning of pure Power, which cause the greatest power, love, to appear. Sagittarius’ love implies loving yourself, loving your neighbor, loving your enemies and persecutors, and with all of your Heart - loving your God. The Sagittarius does not baptize people with water or fire, but now is the time of the Holy Spirit and of love. Sagittarius is the living eye of God, whose opposite sign, Gemini, describes God too – God is life and knowledge together. He is the living knowledge. Sagittarius is the warrior of love in the era of Great Peace – the True Salem.



Scorpio is the sign of e.g. Mary Magdalene from the Bible. Thinking of the symbolism of the Three Marys, the first Mary is first cured of evil in the Baptism of Water, after which the seven even more evil spirits appear. The opposite sign of Scorpio is Taurus, which was mentioned above in the equalizing power of the seven holy cows. Every venomous Scorpio uses their own specific sin to slave a person, and thus in hieroglyphs: the house of truth (HaTHoR) must be built upon the seven pieces of the Heart to pacify the Scorpio. When the seven houses are founded on bedrock, which is the Truth, the Scorpio has no more enemies, and thus it will be furious and sting itself to death. This is the first resurrection in the Book of Revelation.



Libra was known in Ancient Egypt as the Hall of Mehet Weret (the Great Flood) and later Hall of Ma’AT, which is literally translated “the Hall of going to the Father/Bread”. The Heart is weighted on the eternal scales against the Feather of Justice and Divine Order. This is the first judgement, and if this is entered into consciously and on purpose, the spiritual structure of Cosmos will clarify in a person’s mind. If this is done subconsciously and not on purpose, this is the second death, which means stepping into the Fiery Lake in the Baptism of Fire. Hardly no-one is pure enough on the first time in front of the scales. The Fire will thus purify a person seven times. The unclear Knowledge of the Beginning (i.e. the spiritual structure of Cosmos) received in the Baptism of Water is also called the Head of the Prophet. This head still must come, so that it can be later cut off with the Fiery Sword at the end of this second phase.



Virgo is the third Mary, who first became detached from society and from her everyday duties in order to seek the Truth. Secondly, the seven pairs rose into battle but were cut off with the Fiery Sword. Finally, the Scorpio staged its own death and thus the Fire burned itself. After Water and Fire, the Soul is ready for the mental marriage with the Spirit. This is the Great Peace (Salem) and the first resurrection in the Book of Revelation.



Leo is the king of the beasts. In the collective astrological perspective, the beast operate inside a person’s heart. They are the hands of Satan: the Beast and the False Prophet. The Beast controls the emotion that lies on the deepest level of the human’s subconscious mind called Id. Correspondingly, the False Prophet rules over the Superego, which consists of a person’s beliefs and the identity based on lies. The Superego and Id are known as the Earth (GeB) in Scripture. Earth is the subconscious of a person, and thus formed in the age of 1-7 years since birth. On the Way of Truth, only Leo is capable and great enough to tame the arms of lies. The hieroglyph of Leo is divided into the behind of a lion (Father, Knowledge) and head of a lion (Mother turning into Son, Life). Together, these arms of the Holy Spirit, give the strength to Leo to conquer the last evil – Satan himself (which is the Inner narcissist).



Cancer is the inner enemy of a person in the first steps on the Way of Truth. As said, Cancer points its scissors toward the past. Cancer answers all questions and situations with Emotion and thus easily manipulates people who lack self-awareness and are ignorant of the Way of Truth, to quit their tasks. Cancer aims its scissors against other people very easily, and therefore it is important to spend time alone at the beginning of the Way. When a person retreats in solitude and realizes that he/she still tackles the same problems as when surrounded by other people, he/she has no more enemies to blame. No sooner can the Truth be recognized.


The knowledge of the three crosses

The Way of Truth is revealed through the 12 astrological signs, when “12” is considered as 3 crosses. When Jesus is crucified, two criminals (wrong-doers) are crucified on his both sides. Together with Jesus, one of these men is saved, while the other is not. This hidden symbolic story gives us the instructions to reading astrological signs. The three crosses are the three great days and the three Baptisms of the Way of Truth (see e.g. Luke 9:23). The three crosses must be added to the four classical elements, and thus there are


1. Capricorn (Air) – Cancer (Earth) and Libra (Water) – Aries (Fire)

2. Taurus (Air) – Scorpion (Earth) and Aquarius (Water) – Leo (Fire), and

3. Virgo (Air) – Pisces (Earth) and Gemini (Water) – Sagittarius (Fire).149


149 Mathematically, each cross composed of four elements forms a square and correspondingly, each element alone forms the equilateral triangle in the Circle of Zodiac.


Here, also the elements have their own symbolic meanings:


♦ Air (Heaven) is the upper part of the human soul (Memory, Creativity)

 Earth is the lower half of the human soul (Superego/Reason, Id/Emotion)

♦ Fire is the lesson to learn

♦ Water describes the spiritual maturity of the human heart


The first cross: Capricorn (Air) – Cancer (Earth) and Aries (Fire) – Libra (Water)

The first cross represents a person stepping onto the Way of Truth. At the beginning all it takes is the positive wish and the real desire to seek, to explore and to understand the Truth behind everything. On the Way, this person receives the first spiritual gift – Mercy. This is the point and the narrow gate, after which a person knows and understands the existence of Truth and knows it to be greater than one’s own thoughts, beliefs and identity. The person is still frightened, as Capricorn, and holds onto his/her own past, such as Cancer. The key words of this first phase on the Way of Truth are identifying one’s sins, confession, true regret and forgiveness. In the end, in the absolute solitude, a person transforms into Aries, whose hunger for the Truth is so great that it transforms into the ability and will to relinquish everything, physical and mental. This means the death of an identity and a familiar life. Aries does not resist the evil, but rather offers him/herself to be sacrificed. Not sooner than then is the heart ready for weighting for the first time. The spiritual maturity is the truthful judgement of oneself. Then, on the spiritual level, all sin is forgiven and thus, because of Mercy, the new possibility for life is received. Now, the person is tabula rasa, a pure mind. This is the first death described in the Book of Revelation. After the mental deluge, a person receives the moon eye – the knowledge concerning the mental structure of Cosmos. The personal reconstruction now begins. After this, everything that is created, must be created according to the Law.


The second cross: Taurus (Air) – Scorpio (Earth) and Aquarius (Water) – Leo (Fire)

The second cross describes a person that has been baptized with Water, and thus has received the knowledge of the spiritual structure of Cosmos. Now, after Water, a person has protection against Fire and therefore the Baptism of Fire will commence. The spiritual gift here is Hope. Because a person has seen everything in the Baptism of Water, he/she now has an eternal Hope and trust that everything he/she needs, will come. A person is turned into prophet Aquarius. According to the Book of Revelation, the duration of the Baptism of Fire is 1260 days and there is a total of seven inner battles to endure. The Baptism of Fire is the second death (Book of Revelation 20:14-15). The battles in Fire measure the skill and knowledge which the person received in the Baptism of Water. This is the most painful period in one’s life, certainly like going through hell itself. The Fiery Sword hangs above one’s head, ready to hit each time when a vicious thought appears from the subconscious mind. As opposite of Mercy, it is now time of Severity. In the terms of psychology, this is also the time of miracles, because a person learns how to identify and modify the deepest levels (Superego, Id) of his/her subconscious mind. In the normal daily life this would be impossible. A person now turns into Taurus, the divine bull, who is the master of the seven-fold heart. As soon as Taurus sees himself with the seven-fold heart, his eye transforms into the seven-fold eye – the solar eye. Because of the solar eye a person is given the understanding of Leo – the knowledge of the both hands of the Holy Spirit. This is where the Faces of God are revealed. From now on, a person knows God, as a child know one’s parents (especially Father). The seven cows make a union with the seven Scorpios in the Great Peace. The mind reaches a balance and the soul is prepared for the mental marriage with the Holy Spirit. The second cross in the Bible is the criminal crucified next to Jesus, who hears the words: “Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”” (Luke 23:43) This is the first resurrection described in the Book of Revelation (20:5-6).


The third cross: Pisces (Earth) – Virgo (Air) and Gemini (Water) – Sagittarius (Fire)

The third cross in the Bible is Jesus himself. A person’s heart is already purified twice before the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and thus it has become Virgo (virgin). The time has come for the millennial reign (see Book of Revelation 20:2). Gemini is united once more and a person has been transformed into Oneness as Adam – the First Man. At the same time, Water and Fire change into pure energy, thus a person is now Sagittarius, shooting the healing arrows of love. The hidden subconscious mind no longer exists, because the Pisces navigates on the sides of the mental Bark. The third spiritual gift is Love, which is now seen for the first time as truthfully a combination of Mercy and Severity. In one’s hand are the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven and thus one has the power of forgiving (or not) the sins of his/her fellowmen. Because a person him-/herself is now pure, it is also possible for him/her to start to teach others. This person is now ‘seven’ and ‘two’ – the Soul and the Spirit in the mental marriage.


After the three crosses and three Baptisms on the Way of Truth, all twelve signs of the Zodiac are united in the person’s heart and therefore he/she reaches transfiguration (illumination, enlightenment). Here, a person is called the Image of God (or the All). This is the final hour on the Way of Truth.


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