Leonardo da Vinci said: “Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.


What do you think about it? Can you really love totally stranger, if you don’t know and understand him/her? Then how about God, can you love or hate God without understanding? And the most difficult one: can you love or hate yourself, if you don’t know and understand yourself?


In this article we think what is the difference between loving yourself, loving humanity and loving God? The answer goes straight to the bottom of our Heart and Soul.


The levels of Soul development

It is here suggested that the levels of Soul development can be measured by types of love. Who do you love, thus explains what is the consciousness-level of your Soul.


(Loving no-one)

Loving yourself is personal.

Loving humanity is collective.

Loving God is universal.


When your Soul develops, it cannot jump over the stairs. To love God with all of your Heart, you need first to love humanity, the group of equal people with the same structure of Soul – we are all potential Images of God. Well then, to love humanity, our Soul needs to have great self-esteem. If our Heart and Soul is still connected with its inner narcissism, your Soul is always jealous, envy, afraid, angry, looking for lust and happiness etc. This means that to be able to love humanity, with no prejudices, we need to first love ourselves – so much and as long as it takes. This is the way of how your Heart and Soul work.


How do I know in which level I am right now?

I give you a Facebook metaphor. If a person posts mainly things about oneself and always shares images about him/her, it is quite sure he/she is in the first phase. The first phase is also present, when his/her thoughts concern only his family and closest friends. Then if someone continuously posts about mankind, the great thinkers and some wisdom, he/she is entering the end of the first phase, but this does not mean that person is already in the second phase. The second phase is still rare. Usually people love themselves just in the rational or emotional level. Therefore they admire only their physical achievements or their own ideas and thoughts. This is not healthy love, but the love that makes you sick. This is the love of your ego and you need to do everything for releasing it.


The true, healing love is so much more. It is the love that exists without any reason. You are important and valuable no matter what have you done or achieved. This love won’t judge you or give you grades. This love stays still even when everything else is taken away from you. This love usually appears only when you are in solitude, absolutely alone, and pray for it. Someone calls this love “God” or “Holy Spirit”, another one could say “beautiful stranger” or “merciful person”. No matter which words you choose, this love will heal you and baptize you with mercy. This is where the Faith awakens, and personal life purposes and missions are recognized.


When a person is in the second phase, for real, it is possible that this person is no longer in Facebook and thus to recognize this level, could be only possible by chatting that person, face to face. After a moment, this person will come back to Facebook and start to post once more. And this is the moment, when you see if this person truly entered the second phase, or did he/she went back to the first phase. If this person now writes about the humanity, great thinkers etc. but not anymore from the distance, but rather like he/she would know them better, then this person has achieved the connection to the humanity. Also this person can now pray for humanity (or Mother Earth, Heavenly Father etc.) and all the people who are not involved his/her personal life. This is how this person steps outside the tiny spot that he/she thought to be the truth. Now the truth is so much more and it concerns the whole humanity, or even everything – the universe.


Actually the only difference between the second stage and the third, final stage is that, has this person fulfilled his/her own purpose. Normally a person will be aware of his/her life’s purpose in the end of the first phase. If a person can then remember this mission and actually do it in the second phase, the third phase opens. Sadly, it is more than often, when this original purpose becomes unclear and this person only tries to teach and heal all the other people but him-/herself. If this personal mission is “to teach”, then the primary purpose is to teach oneself, and correspondingly, if this personal mission is “to heal”, then the primary purpose is to heal oneself. So every time you feel a must to teach or heal the others, please consider if this lesson is really meant primary for you.


We are not meant to force our teachings and healings to everyone else, but ourselves. If a person, who is in the second phase returns Facebook too early, the Green Lion will have him/her. The Green Lion is the power of ego, which will attack the pure power that gives us the strength (and thus ability) to teach and heal. Green Lion wants to destroy this power by making you to work outside of you. Not here, not now – but yesterday or tomorrow, with someone else, and for your own personal benefit. Stop. Be a moment right here, right now. Have you finished the true mission of your purpose or have you become Crusader? If you are ready for the third level, the things will happen as they happen. Then if the Facebook is still present in your life, it is. If it will go, it will. And if you will then return, you will. It is not about your will, or willing anymore – the third phase is about God’s Will, comprehensively.


In this Will, you are Everything and Nothing, and thus the Oneness is achieved. This Oneness is the ultimate truth, and the only thing without an opposite, it is ‘the’ Love.


Three types of Love

When you love yourself, you will heal. This healing leads to Faith. When you have the true faith, you understand that you are not better or worse than others. Faith leads to the collective point of view, which is humanity.

When you love humanity (all the strangers and neighbors), you will achieve connection with it. This connection leads to Hope.

When you love God from all of your Heart and Soul, God will love you back – just like Father loves his children. This Oneness leads to permanent and unconditional Love.


This lLove is not personal, not collective, but universal. But it is only a dream, if you will not love the humanity first, and before everything, yourself. Think about this for a moment: the best thing you can do for God and humanity is to love yourself. The Way of Truth leads inside of you, not to India, not to Jerusalem, not to the Ancient cultures, but into you. You are already there! Wake up, love yourself. If you can’t, try harder. It is possible, you can and you deserve it.


Biblical reference

Another point of view comes straight from Jesus Christ, who said (The Greatest Commandment, Matthew 22:34-40): “Hearing that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, the Pharisees got together. One of them, an expert in the law, tested him with this question: ‘”Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law”’ Jesus replied: “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. ’This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”


Can you already see it? 1) Love your God, 2) Love your neighbor (humanity), 3) as Yourself.


The more you love yourself, the more you can love humanity and God too. If you don’t love yourself (a potential Image of God), why would you love humanity (who are just like you, potential Images of God), or God, whose Image you could be?


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