House of Truth exercises and tests section is a collection of mental and psychological exercises. In the way of mental evolution, person's first task is to get know oneself. It is not possible to make this journey through only by studying books - also the actual doing is required. All the knowledge should be identified from ourselves too. Before making exercises and tests you could use some time for thinking which part of your mind (or soul) is concerned in this particular exercise.

When doing exercises, prepare yourself with necessary equipment. Someone prefers pencil and paper, while someone else likes Word and Excels - of course it is your decision. Some exercises can last for an hour, but the main results will be achieved only in seconds or minute in the end. If your concentration messes up then, the whole exercise can be ruined. Then exercise should be retaken later. Prepare your physical surroundings to support you inner journey. If exercise won't work as supposed, just try it again later. Try it as many times you need to.

You can make these exercises also with a partner or in small-groups, and e.g. in Find your true values –exercise this is even better. Sometimes your own subconscious can be too strong and force you to stop the exercise before the actual results are presented. Then some help-mate is highly appreciated. All the exercises is still possible to perform independently, as long as you have enough steadfastness.

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