This exercise is for everyone who seeks the truth in their life. The purpose of this exercise is to create an instant overview straight from your heart and soul. While answering these 20 questions, you will understand your beliefs, values and other things that matter to you and are attached to your spiritual journey. Often the right answers are already in your unconscious mind, and all it takes is to ask the right questions to become aware of the answers too. Of course some people have the ability to ask the right questions, but are mentally too lazy or afraid of something to actually answer those question as well.


Take enough time for yourself to go peacefully through these 20 questions. Let your thought fly without limits, and remember to give only honest answers. I dear to claim that after this exercise you feel something new. Maybe that is relief or some new point of view concerning your personal life and closest relationships. When you understand your thoughts and their actual reasons, it is much easier to understand your life also in the level of behavior. It is sad that majority of people sanctify one of more hours every day to watch TV or internet rather than to self-knowledge. Remember that your own, real life is more important than some other’s imaginary one. Maybe you are wiser than crowd in general. This exercise is an excellent way to begin the Way of Truth.


20 questions for those who seek the ultimate truth

1. Why there are poverty and suffering in the world?

2. What is the relationship between religions and science?

3. Why so many people are depressed?

4. What we all are afraid of the most?

5. In which situation the war is justified?

6. How God wants us to reply to aggressive behavior and e.g. terrorism?

7. How a person achieves the true peace of mind?

8. What does it mean “to live in the present”?

9. What is the biggest distraction in your life?

10. Does your current religion or other spiritual or mental ideology serve your personal purpose?

11. What will happen to you, when you die?

12. What will Heaven be like and how a person enter it?

13. What is the purpose of life?

14. What is God?

15. What is the most common feature of any person?

16. What blocks people to live with their full potential?

17. What is the overall situation of World today?

18. If you had one wish to help the Earth and Humanity, what would that be?

19. What is wisdom and how we will get it?

20. Are we all connected (one and same)?


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