In this exercise you will get familiar with the four colors of personality. The logic behind the four colors of different personality types is very rough division of people, or personality types of people, and it cannot always generalize. More generally thinking, there are at least parts of all these four colors in every person, but almost as often some of these colors is the dominant one. Let’s approach this theory by studying an example.


Example (arriving to the empty restaurant)


Yellow personality:

  • She is like Mother Teresa: helpful, kind, caring, motherly, who participate associations.
  • When you meet, she has baked cakes and serves you all kind of gifts.
  • Here we have an everlasting team player.
  • She can be shy and her manners can be almost too great.
  • She is a hugger, and very good at hearing others./li>

When Yellow Person enters the restaurant, she sits down happily and observes all around to find anyone who would need help at the moment.


Blue personality:

  • His most common words are ”I”, ”me”, and ”myself”.
  • He may even say to you that he was not actually hearing you, but just waited when you stop, so he could say what is on his mind.
  • He is adventurer and party-monster.
  • He always finds new people and friends, and wherever he is, he talks a lot.
  • His topics usually chances so repeatedly, so no one can follow them.
  • He is a bad or even the worst listener, if he does not make all the efforts and his total concentration to it.
  • Here we have the total social animal.
  • He has the brave and open way of thinking.
  • He usually chances jobs, or at least cities and countries.

When Blue Person enters the restaurant, he sits there, where are already people and starts a new conversation about his favorite topic, about himself.


Green personality:

  • He is engineer character, also scientist and maybe even a bit nord.
  • He likes to stuck into the details and errors.
  • He hates hugging.
  • He always asks for some further information.
  • He is the real bookworm, who enjoys the time alone.

When Green Person enters the restaurant, he chooses the corner spot, where he can be in privacy and as far from the other people as possible. Green Person’s nightmare would be the situation, where Blue Person would come to sit next to him.


Red personality:

  • She can be described with the words “money”, “power” and “status”.
  • She has extremely strong competitive instinct, which means that she hates to lose.
  • Here we have a person, who makes results, and has enormous will to show everyone.
  • She probably thought that she would be Yellow Person.
  • She is reigned by the beneficial thinking: what are the benefits of it…
  • The red color reflects the bossy nature of a person.
  • She usually don’t want the hear the details, but rather asks how much money we are talking about here.
  • She is the leader and guide, but also likes to spend some time alone.

When Red Person enters the restaurant, she sits alone, at least at the beginning. Especially when there are no competitions available.


Observing yourself

What personality traits you can identify from yourself? Which is the color that is the foundation of your whole personality at the moment? If you have some difficulties to understand your own color, you can ask help from your best friend or consort, and he/she will know your color right away. Write these results down to your self-knowledge-diary. Write also about what other features of other colors you recognize from yourself.


You can also think about people, who you truly admire and appreciate: what kind of colors and features they have? This will help you to understand, what kind of differences and similarities you have with those people.


This theory can be considered as rough generalization of enneagram thinking (see e.g. personal enneagrams), but it’s effectiveness is that it helps to understand persons as a part of group, as a part of Humanity – not only as individuals. (Further information of theory see e.g. Schreiter, T. 2014. The Four Color Personalities For MLM: The Secret Language For Network Marketing. Amazon Digital Services, Inc.: Fortune Network Publishing.)


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