Miracle question is a technique of the Solution focused (brief) therapy (SFBT). This technique is so simple, but still effective. If you are facing too hard obstacles in your life, and thus feel almost daily frustration, you are free to try the power of Miracle question.


Physical preparation: take some quiet and calm space together with enough time. You will also need some chair or other type of seat.


1. Please sit down, and just relax. You can hear the sound from the environment and think how your seat is touching you. Maybe you feel some thoughts inside of your body, and at the same time, take a deep breath. Try to sit straight, so that your spine will go its natural, balanced position. This is how your relaxation continues automatically, to the deeper, quiet and calm state.


2. Next you can activate your inner system of creativity. You can close your eyes, and carefully move your eyes, still closed, to your right upper corner. While doing this, you can also focus your consciousness to your throat. This is the place, where you create all the voices, pronouncing, words etc. This is also the same spot, where the so called throat chakra is.


3. Imagine an event in your mind, where you are going to the bed tonight. This is the moment before sleeping, the moment of relaxation and free thoughts. Picture this event clearly to yourself – what will you wear, see your bed and bedroom. What kind of noises there will be, just before the sleep will come? And just when the sleep is coming, how do you feel? Everything is alright, just like every night. There is still one certain difference between this night and all the other nights: tonight, when you get the sleep, the life-changing miracle will take place. Remember that this miracle has no limits – everything is possible with it. This miracle is not only one thing, but it can be one or numerous things. Now focus a moment to this point, think that you are sleeping this night, and now this miracle happens. … When you wake up in the morning, you notice immediately that this miracle truly happened, what is now different in your life? What things have changed and how they are now? How you can be sure that this change has happened? What are you experiencing now, when some things have changed? How do you feel? How are you looking and hearing?


Maybe you can now perceive your life in the new light, in new point of view? You can now easier understand that no situation or emotion is mandatory or permanent – there are always more options and possibilities.


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