Currently more and more people are awakening. When you experience the death of “selfhood” or “me” or “ego” in so called self-realization, this may have a huge impact on your life. It is more than often that even our main sensory channel transforms. In computer analogy you could say that this is when you change from Windows to Mac. Everything is quite same, but still very different.

Main sensory channels

There are three main sensory channels. Visual people use their sight, auditory people their hearing and kinesthetic people their sense of touch and emotions. None of these three is better or worse than others. Sensory channels are just our personal way of sense things. We use this channel first for “INPUT”. If we are e.g. visible person, we see more colors and focus on visual observations. After the inner processions, we use this same channel for “OUTPUT”. Then we describe our experiences with words related to this certain sensory channel. For example, auditory people use sentence like “I hear you”, while visual person could just say “I see your point”. Maybe table 1 opens this issue a bit more.

I see what you mean. (visual)
That sounds good. (auditory)
This certainly feels right. (kinesthetic)

Table 1. Different ways to say “I understand”

Another way to identify your own or your friend’s main sensory channel is to just look into his/her eyes. Visual people keep their eyes in the upper positions, while auditory ones maintain the level of ears, and kinesthetic ones lower their eyes.


Task for better self-understanding

Then I have a task for you. If you truly like to get know yourself a bit bitter, please just do this task and do not read further, before finishing it. If you read further, your unconscious tries to manipulate the results, and thus credibility of your work lowers.

Your task is to write a short story. Take pencil and paper, or just open Word or another text-program. Then write 100-200 words with headline “It was the best day”. Now do this, or just continue and do not learn so much.


Analyzing the results

For next, mark to the paper (or Excel) the three major sensory channels (see above). Then your task is to go through your story, word by word, and trying to identify into which category (sensory channel) they belong. For example, if you see colors, they are always visible, unless someone feels “blue”. Well okay, this one would give one point to the both, visual and kinesthetic. Now count the results.

The sensory channel that had the most points is probably your main sensory channel.


Spiritual awakening

The spiritual awakening, or self-realization is possible for everyone. That is a natural milestone of the mental evolution path. When you experience some mental, or even spiritual events like this, it is highly possible that your main sensory channel changes. When your “selfhood”, “ego”, or “self” is no more, this is almost a must. Then there will be no more same beliefs, values, identity, thinking patterns etc. This is a huge possibility and a trap. Changing sensory channel is a huge possibility, because it allows you the balance yourself, comprehensively. But it is also a trap, because if you blindly believe this to be your new reality, then you probably turn into magic and superstition.

Personal experience

I was earlier visual and kinesthetic person. My spiritual awakening was mainly auditory experience and it scared a lot. I heard some voice calling me and speaking all kind of nice things. I run to the bathroom and hided there. But the voice followed, of course. Finally, it continued so long that I was brave enough to ask that if it would be good or evil. She said “good”, and disappeared immediately. After that experience I have had ability to sense things with my hearing. I have been able to tell the future, just hearing a certain tone of someone’s voice.

This happened to me years ago. Ever since I have been travelling the mental evolution, and my main sensory channel have changed few times - always causing some fears and surprises. Then some years later I was able to control the sensory channels, and now I use them as is needed. It is much easier to focus in lectures, if you turn your auditory channel on. And then when you face some highly kinesthetic friend after the lecture, you can switch your feeling sensors on. And then while walking home, you can turn your visual channel on and "see" the beauty of the nature.



If you did your task, you now know your main sensory channel. When you understand this more deeply and learn how to observe yourself, you will get a lot of help from this self-knowledge. Secondly, you now know that when you will experience some sort of awakening, you can remember that it is okay, if your main sensory channel changes. There are a lot of people that are not familiar with this information, and some of them have had mental disorders because of this. Human ego tries to prevent the changing process, and thus you need to know what's going on.

In nature everything evolves. Only human ego tries to control the natural and beautiful work of evolution. If you attach to your body and mind, you will face problems, because your body is getting older and your mind is getting wider. If you try to stay where you are, you are fighting against the force of Nature itself. Surrender and adapt – this is the wisdom of evolution.

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