Right to self-knowledge and truth

Every human being deserves to have an equal right to self-knowledge regardless of gender, age, profession, status, financial state or nationality. There is a great deal of different techniques and theory lessons concerning the self-development and spiritual growth, which quickly cost tens of thousands for curious minds. This situation does not honor the human dignity, and thus forms a contradiction with the lessons of Scripture. There was no ticket-selling before the Sermon on the Mount.

Vocabulary and the language of symbolism

House of Truth applies the both scientific and religious terms in teaching work, although the spine of all the terms is the eternal language of symbolism. Symbols are used, because if this website would be closed or for some other reason the teaching work would be interrupted, everyone could still continue to study independently these same lessons through Scripture. As far as the Way of Truth is concerned science is not as developed as the sacred books of the major religions.

The Divine Order and Theory of Everything


The Universe is eternal and created according to the eternal Law. In Ancient Egypt the Law was called Ma'AT; Jesus named it the Way, the Truth and the Life; Muhammad told us about the religion of Truth; in the East it is called Tao, and in Science it is a myth - Theory of Everything.


In the following presentation these different teachings and concepts are explained in relation to each other and thus a wider understanding of each of them becomes possible. This presentation is possible to understand first subconsciously and then consciously. Here in the House of Truth, this process is called the Way of Truth or proceeding the Way of Truth. The Theory of Everything also exists inside a person, and thus a person can be considered as the Living Image of the Theory of Everything. And because human beings are also called Image of God in Scripture, the logical question follows: Is God the Theory of Everything?


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