For over ten years, Leonardo carried a painting with him wherever he went. No matter what he did, he always returned to examine this painting, as if it were a source of his inner peace and strength.


The Mona Lisa is a large collection of Knowledge. The Knowledge is encoded in symbols, mathematics, ratios and geometry, all eternal and universal. The same ones which can be found in the most precious and unique monuments of human history – the Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge and the Eiffel Tower. They are testimonies of the existence of one common source of Truth and Life, and including them in the Mona Lisa makes Leonardo but one in the line of many wise men to have used symbolic language in communicating ancient truths.


Three Mona Lisas in the same image.


Leonardo constructed the Mona Lisa as an Image of God. The Mona Lisa is his attempt to reach eternity. Through the Mona Lisa, we are guided to follow this ancient path, called here the Way of Truth, of which many spiritual teachers have already taught us.


Quote from the last chapter: "Just when we might begin to think that Mona Lisa is merely a 500-year-old water under the bridge, we see that the water flows into the Primeval Sea and rises to Heaven. Eventually, the Mona Lisa will rain upon us again, making us like wet dogs in the backyard. We have nowhere to take shelter from the all-seeing-eye. That is why the Mona Lisa is immortal. Or at least until the decay of the canvas and paint. However, the Truth behind Mona Lisa is eternal."



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