The following facts are found in the elements of the Great Pyramid of Giza.


1) Two times its base length compared with its height forms a great approximation of number π: 22/7 (Theorems 2 and 4),


2) It forms the golden ratio with Kepler Triangle with all of its sides (Theorem 5 and Image 38),


3) In the King’s Chamber the fact holds that any non-negative integer divisible by 3 can be divided into the legs of right triangle (Key-triangle) with ratio 1 : 2, and when comparing the sum of the shorter leg and the hypotenuse against the longer leg, the result is always the golden ratio (Theorem A and Lemma a),


4) The height of the King’s Chamber forms a great approximation of number √5 (Table 2 and Image 5), and


5) The Pyramid itself matches perfectly with the dimension of the Earth, the Moon and the Sun (Theorem 6 and Image 39).143


143 Modern-day science argues that all of these statements are simply a coincidence and not deliberate. Can we afford this kind of narrow thinking?


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