This book is an answer to my prayer. In December 2011 I experienced what I can only describe as a mental death, the end of an identity and a life. As my last request I prayed that if I still would rise to my feet, I would be able to dedicate my whole life not to myself, my family, friends, relatives, or any other thing special to me, but to humanity in general. It was then that the beautiful idea of the House of Truth reached my awareness. From that day on, nothing has been the same. This event of uniting with the eternal knowledge, whom I call Father and Truth, is the Baptism of Water.


After a few days of soaring in spectacular dreams and heavens, despair returned once more. For a moment, the task I had received felt too great for an ordinary man to bear. I began to pray for help. I asked Father, how to find the people who would join the mission. The question was heard and the answer was given to me that day. The answer was: learn and tell people about the Mona Lisa and those, who are meant to, will hear your call. This was the beginning of my 1260 days in the Fiery Lake.


When I started with the Mona Lisa, nothing happened for a while. After some days had passed, I had to pray for help once more. Now, I was given the answer: ask for help from the children. And I did. A child held an American one-dollar-bill in his hand, and told me that he thought the same pyramid, which is printed on the bill, is located in the background of the Mona Lisa. I laughed in my disbelief, but when I saw it, everything changed. The Great Work began.


Some weeks later, I received some further spiritual guidance, telling me that all the dimensions of the Mona Lisa were false. With this question in mind, I took my first major leap of faith by e-mailing the Louvre Museum. According to their response, my question was indeed valid: the dimensions known to the public were not accurate. This confirmed a piece of knowledge which proved to be the key to understanding the message of the Mona Lisa. This is how it has been throughout this study: whenever I encountered a problem or an obstacle, the answers have simply come to me – like a gift. The greatest challenge has naturally been to overcome myself, my beliefs, values, identity and old habitual thinking patterns. Every time when I was able to let go of something that I thought was of my own, more answers have appeared.


Today, I know that our God calls for each of us in a unique way. Usually God’s plan is so strange and naive that only those people who are able to think like children, can hear the call, and then see it. This book is my testimony of one supreme God and Holy Spirit that is above all else in Cosmos. This is the God of Adam, Jacob (Israel), Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. This is also the God of Muhammad, Buddha, Krishna, Laozi, Confucius and all of God’s children, whoever they are.


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