The most well-known trinities are formed as a product of these dual symbols above. For example, Father is the end of the Kabbalistic right pillar, Son is the end of the Kabbalistic left pillar and the Holy Spirit is the All. We can also say that Father is the right pillar, Mother is the left pillar, and thus Child is the All (together). The Child is the Living Father. That is why the All which was once divided into two parts in Adam and Eve, was later nailed into one piece again in the Christ.


The ancient Egyptian god Horus shares a lot with Jesus, the founder of Christianity. Both are described first as a child and later they transform into living prophets, even Sons of God. Jesus teaches us about the Baptisms of Water and Fire and e.g. the Egyptian Book of the Dead teaches us about the two cows. Baptism of Water is the first cow, who is called the Great Flood (Mehet Weret)55. The second cow is a furious, blood-hungry creature, who requires all the waters to be transformed into wine for her to calm down. As we can see, both of these pieces of Scripture describe a mental journey through same symbolic phases.


55 The Great Flood in the Old Testament actually refers to the Baptism of Water which washes away a person’s sin.


Like Jesus returned from the grave after three days, also Horus was able to defeat death in Du’at and to unite the Two Lands of Egypt, whose symbols are Red and White Crowns. Here, Horus has a Twin-Crown and thus his Earth and Heaven (consciousness and the subconscious) are united. Jesus and Horus are even represented with the same names e.g. the King of Kings, the God of Gods, the Light of the World, the Son of Truth etc. Also Egyptian pharaohs took the so-called Horus-name, as the Pope takes Christ-name (papal name) to perform his work.56


56 At this context, it is worth to mention, that this name cannot be given to a person by another person, but God Himself.


The Child is also a mental symbol, which is why Jesus taught us to be like children. A child-like person has travelled back to the roots of one’s personal life and the creation of Cosmos. In a sense, to be like a child means reaching the starting point of our existence, where there is yet no sin, just innocence and a pure mind. Making this “backward” journey will require visiting all past deeds, problems and events which we need to be forgiven for. To form a union, we need to be like children once more.


First Being, Flaming Sword

Table 5 guides us to better understand the Mona Lisa. As we know, Leonardo portrayed Mona Lisa between two pillars. He used the colors of gold and silver, or even the golden Sun and the silver Moon with her skin and on the bridges (and arches) of the background. He used light and shadow; he used reddish flames on the sleeves to meet the bluish water of the background.


In Table 5 we studied the basic meanings of a few mysterious terms, such as Flaming Sword and First Being. These terms are created by uniting the masculine aspect which is symbolically on the right side and the feminine aspect which is on the left side. For instance, we can take a masculine Sword and feminine Flaming (Fire) and together they become Flaming Sword. We can now understand that there is always something First (masculine), and after that the dual pattern is formed (feminine is added). A trinity is the result of the dual elements (m + f together). All things function the same way, according this basic rule.


We can think of words like ‘sword’, ‘fire’ and ‘chalice’ as triangles or pyramids. These are the textbook examples about how the language of symbolism behaves. As said,


Masculine First + Feminine Being = First Being (Adam) = Image of God,

Masculine Sword + Feminine Flames = Flaming Sword = Image of God.


Adam was the whole humanity before divided into man and woman. This is how the First Being reached its end and was no more. Later, Jesus called himself the Sword, and John the Baptist testified of the coming of Jesus to Baptize us with Fire. These two testaments together is how Jesus transformed into the Flaming Sword. He became the First Being once more. In the Book of Genesis, the Flaming Sword is said to guard the Way to the Tree of Life. And correspondingly, Jesus said that he is the Way, and also the Truth and the Life. He indeed was, he was and is the Living Truth.


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