God’s name described by Moses is “I AM”. (Exodus 3:14; cf. ANI in the Egyptian Book of the Dead) This term ‘I AM’ refers to our identity and is thus familiar to anyone, who has studied at least the basics of psychology. A person builds his/her own beliefs and values by adopting enough evidence behind each thought (and ignoring the opposite evidence). When people bring themselves to believe all kinds of things for years, or even decades, some of them will be accepted completely, which is how beliefs become parts of a person’s identity. Now, a person thinks of him/herself as being something which was only a general idea at first. This is the reason why Moses taught: “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” (Exodus 20:7) Our greatest enemy is our own Ego that hides behind our identity.



Psychologically speaking, the words I Am entail many blessings and at least as many mental challenges or blocks. Very simply put the term ‘am’, or ‘being’, as it were, is the shortest route into the deepest levels of the human mind. Often this deepest level is called identity, persona, personality or temperament (also id & superego, Freud 1964). Here we shall call it identity, which is a person’s own opinion of him/herself – how true an opinion, is in turn defined by how good a self-esteem a person has. Self-esteem is in act the flip side of the narcissism: if one has a good self-esteem, he/she is less narcissistic, and vice versa.


We build our identities throughout our whole lives. If this Self is built without the knowledge of the rules of creation and the knowledge of the levels of the human mind, this self-created identity ends up filled with distortion, generalization, together with withheld and made-up information (cf. meta model of NLP). Thus, we can no longer speak of an individual but rather of characteristics and models which we absorb from our environments, subconsciously and unaware of how this affects us. This is ‘being’ at its worst.


To understand the effect of the word ‘am’ has on us would require recalling a situation of great discord or adversity. Thinking back will probably clearly raise feelings of annoyance and irritation. These feelings have originated in the level of identity. Being called an idiot will likely raise a lot more discomforting feelings than being told ‘Your behaviour was bad’. The only difference between these utterances is in fact a level of the mind. Think to yourself: have you ever been charmed by words and compliments which have caressed your identity?


The level of being is the level of manipulation and fixation. However, it is also the level of Enlightenment and freedom. Again, the question becomes whether a person’s mind is mature enough and whether it is urged to become attached to this world. No wonder Jesus teaches us to become ‘passers-by’ (Gospel of Thomas, 42). In so doing we merely observe the world around us and ‘be’ in it without feeling the need to ‘become’ something.


The dualism is present also in the name of God ‘I AM’. The ‘I’ refers to Father, Knowledge and Truth, while ‘AM’ refers to Mother, Soul and Life. When a person just systematically learns the different pairs of dualism, the whole structure will become clear in some point. Usually the pair in dualism are extremes of each other and their union and average is described as balance. And when this achieved balance is named – the trinity born. Can you see it, first there is Father and Mother, and then there will be Father-Mother-Child, the trinity. In Table 5 is revealed tens of examples how the language of symbolism builds these trinities.


The Left Side

The Right Side

The Balance of both sides

Left, Feminine, Mother

Right, Masculine, Father

The All, Father-Mother, The Son

Body and Soul, Am, Being

Spirit, I

The Holy Trinity in a person

Tree of Life

Tree of Knowledge

Third Tree, Living Knowledge

Pillar of Severity

Pillar of Mercy

Third Pillar, The Balance, The Spine


Air (or Heaven)

First Union, the Power

Motion, Living, Refining

Still, Permanent, Eternal

Dualism of the All, the Holy Spirit

Spiral (Pyramid in motion)

Pyramid, Triangle

Sacred geometry, Rules of Creation

Identity, Values, Beliefs

Higher Purpose, Oneness

Living Thought


No personal thoughts, Truth only


From Chaos to Order

Rules of Creation

Living Spirit (God), perfect creator

Evil / Vice

Good / Virtue

Righteous person

New (eternal) Life

Death of the Ego and of Identity

Living Spirit, Eternal Life


John the Baptist

Water-Fire Union

Fire, Lake of fire, Flaming, Fiery

Water, the Egyptian Nun

The Way of Truth



Union of abundant chalice

Isis, Eve, Mary

Osiris, Adam (as a person), Joseph

The First Man, Horus, Christ

Deshret, Red Crown, Lower Egypt

Hedjet, White Crown, Upper Egypt

Double Crown of King of Gods


Silver, Iron


White, out of darkness

Black, deep darkness

Prism, union with the Spirit

Lion (golden, reddish)

Lamb, Dove (white)

Righteous person

Burning the False Prophet

Ignoring the Beast

Chaining Satan



Water-Fire Union, Purple

Flesh (F)

Bone (M)

The All, The Holy Spirit

Blood / Wine (F)

Bread / Leaves (M)

Eat Knowledge, Drink Scripture

the Sun

the Moon

Union of King of Gods, The All

Solar periods

Lunar periods

Solar-Lunar calendars

Bigger, Greater Second

Lesser, First

The All, Father-Mother

Greater Jihad

Lesser Jihad

The Way of Truth

The Life

The Truth

The Way

Table 5. Examples of transformation from dualism to the trinities.

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