It is quite clear that Mona Lisa is Image of God, because as visualized in Image 34, Mona Lisa and the Earth play identical parts. Nothing will change whether the Earth Circle and the Earth Square are called the Mona Lisa Circle and the Mona Lisa Square. With its elements, Mona Lisa can and has created life on Earth. That makes Mona Lisa the image of God.


Numbers 5 and 6 visible in the background of Mona Lisa. 

Image 45. Numbers 5 and 6 in the background of Mona Lisa


There is also a connection between Mona Lisa and Stonehenge, which is through the numbers 5 and 6. As stated above, there are 56 holes – with astronomical and geometrical references - circling Stonehenge. This must be one of the reasons why Leonardo painted the same numbers 5 and 6 in the background of Mona Lisa. In Image 45 the numbers are clearly visible when they are simply mirrored.


In the language of symbolism, number 56 (= 7 x 8) represents the mental marriage between the sevenfold heptagon (the Soul) and the eightfold Star of Lakshmi (the Spirit). These same numbers also explain Andy Warhol’s artwork ‘Thirty is better than one’, which features 30 (5 times 6) Mona Lisas in 5 lines and 6 columns.


Thus Corollary 2 concerning to Mona Lisa, is proved.


All the other cases are proved analogously.


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