There are three mental phases on the Way to Illumination81.


81 Also enlightenment and transfiguration.





Baptism of Water, where a person is reconnected to the eternal Father and therefore all sin, including the original sin and animalistic behavior of seeking sense-pleasures, is forgiven.


This phase is about Mercy and Love. It can be preceded by a personal crisis but usually involves at least solitude and a break with society.

The symbols of this phase include Father, Knowledge, Water, the colour white, Dove, Bones, Bread, Pillar of Mercy etc.

Baptism of Fire, where a person who is already reconnected to the eternal Father, must step back into society and put the Knowledge into practice before the eyes of other people.


At this stage of Severity and Love, the previous wrongful behavior stops and all evil thoughts and deeds of a person are burned away.

The symbols of this phase include Mother, Life, Fire, the colour red, Flesh, Wine, Pillar of Severity etc.

The third stage is Illumination, which is known as the Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

The extremes of Mercy and Severity now unite in the form of the Greatest Power of Love and the golden balance. Via the so-called mental marriage a person is now transforming into a Living Spirit.

The symbols of this phase include Father-Mother, Holy Spirit, Two Trees (of Knowledge and Life), the colours of the rainbow, Bones and Flesh, Bread and Wine, Third Pillar (Spine of Osiris) etc.


Table 6. The phases of the Way of Truth


Through the language of symbolism we can conclude John the Baptist and Jesus to be different phases of the same person on a continuum. The new understanding of the three baptisms supports our conjecture, since John’s symbol is water and Jesus is associated with fire and finally with the Holy Spirit (see e.g. Matthew 3:11, Mark 1:8, Luke 3:16, and John 1:33).


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