The Elements of Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa’s cubits

Theorem A. (the Golden ratio and the Key Triangle)

Lemma a. (the Hypotenuse of the Key Triangle)


The Reed in her hand

Mona Lisa del Prado and the number 666

Monna Vanna

Fiery arms

Horus, Phoenix and Bennu – the Great Birds

The New Era of Mankind

The symbolic signs of the Sun and the Moon

Mona Lisa’s skin and pyramids

The bridges, arches and gates

12 Gates of the underworld


The pyramid of the Evil eye

The All-seeing-eye

The eye in the Sky


Number 72 and 4 Circles

The Great Year (360 x 72)

The three Baptisms (72 = 3 x 24)

The Circle of Life (72 = 4 x 18)


Mona Lisa Upside-down – Lion 722

Mona Lisa in 3D

Matching elements

Mona Lisa as a cylinder

The Golden Triangle and the Solar Boat of Re

Theorem B. (The Golden Ratio in Mona Lisa)

Theorem C. (The Solar Boat of Re)


The rotation technique

Mona Lisa Square

Definition 1. (Number π)

Definition 2. (Golden ratio φ)

Definition 3. (Mona Lisa Square) 

Definition 4. (Earth Circle and Earth Square) 

Definition 5. (Moon Circle and Moon Square) 

Definition 6. (Earth-Moon Radius) 

Theorem 1. (Golden ratio of Earth Square and Circle) 

Theorem 2. (Squaring the Earth-Moon circle) 

Theorem 3. (Golden ratio of Earth and Moon radiuses) 

Definition 7. (Great Pyramid Triangle) 

Theorem 4. (π in the Great Pyramid) 

Definition 8. (Kepler Triangle) 

Theorem 5. (Kepler Triangle in the Great Pyramid) 

Theorem 6. (Dimensions of Earth and Moon in the Great Pyramid) 

Theorem 7. (The Last Supper in meters and royal cubits) 

Theorem 8. (Pythagorean Theorem) 

Corollary 1. (Converse Pythagorean Theorem) 

Theorem 9. (Earth and Moon form a 3-4-5-triangle) 

Theorem 10. (Golden ratio in All-seeing-eye Pyramid) 

Definition 9. (Image of the All) 

Theorem 11. (Finding Image of the God) 

Corollary 2. (Image that explains everything) 


Sefer Yetzirah (Book of Creation)

Mona Lisa


The name ‘Mona Lisa’ 

The Hebrew alphabet, Gematria and the numerical value of ‘Mona Lisa’ 

Mona Lisa’s anagrams 

The Alchemist reference 


Mona Lisa Cyclops Crucified 

Cross with three nails 


The Mona Lisa Trinity 

I Am – the name of God 

Forming trinities reveal hidden symbols 

Trinity to Live Forever 


The Veil of the temple 

Unveiling Mona Lisa 

The opposites meet 

Nothing is hidden under the Sun


The Grand Conjecture of Leonardo da Vinci 

Language of symbolism (1) 

The Ancient Egyptian name-giving tradition (2) 

Scripture (the Bible, the Quran and the Book of the Dead) (3)

Seeking the beams and specks

Question that opens all the Scripture



The Last Judgement


Appendix 1. Seven Principles of Nature (Three Initiates, 1912) 

Appendix 2. The Way of Truth (House of Truth, 2015) 

Appendix 3. The dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza 

Appendix 4. Seven Liberal Arts and Sciences 

Appendix 5. The Mental Structure of the Human Heart 

Appendix 6. The 12 Zodiac signs (collective perspective) 

Appendix 7. The Divine Order of the Ancient Egypt and modern Science 

Appendix 8. The Hebrew Alphabet 

Appendix 9. The Basics of Gematria 

Appendix 10. Decoding the Last Supper 

Appendix 11. Set Theory (mathematical logic) 

Appendix 12. Of Mirror writing 

Appendix 13. The Emerald Tablet

Appendix 14. Egyptian Book of the Dead - 42 Negative Confessions

The Final Appendix 15. Invitation to the Tree of Knowledge


List of images



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