On the right-hand side in the background of Mona Lisa, we can locate the form of the masculine pyramid. In the language of symbolism, this is also known as the pyramid of the Sun or the pyramid of the Man. In Mona Lisa, Leonardo even painted a spot on the pyramid to indicate the two parts: the body of the pyramid and the all-seeing-eye of the apex. Later in this study (Theorem 10) we prove that the height of the all-seeing-eye pyramid is divided so that the two parts form a relation that is the golden ratio.


The mental all-seeing-eye is said to be the sacred, or even the eye of God. It sees everything and nothing is hidden from it. Because of its divine ability, it is often described or painted in the sky in the middle of the clouds, surrounded by sunlight. The all-seeing eye was placed in Egypt on top of the pyramid with the apex-stone – pyramidion. Later, the all-seeing eye may be found in lighthouses, with their fiery eyes shining light onto darkness.


Pyramid located in the background of Mona Lisa.

Image 16. The masculine pyramid in the background of Mona Lisa of Louvre is a symbol of the all-seeing-eye


The mental all-seeing-eye originates in the events of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, depicting a spiritual journey of the main character ANI. ANI’s heart is measured by Father Osiris against the feather of justice, righteousness and divine order (Feather is Father himself). If the heart is in chaos, the beast shall have it. Correspondingly, if the will of heart is based on righteousness, it is saved, and its earlier sins are forgiven by Father. This same lesson was taught 2000 years later to the common man by Jesus. The main character of Book of the Dead, ANI, can be translated simply in Hebrew ‘I’, or even ‘I Am’.13 As a matter of fact, two things are worth considering here: first, is that when a person reads the Book of the Dead, he/she himself/herself is the main character, ‘I’, and second, this is the same name which God gave Himself according to the testimony of Moses.14


13 At this point the reader should seek an understanding of the verb “be”, not least because in ancient languages there was no verb “be” at all.


14 “I Am that I am” (Exodus 3:14-15)


One-dollar bill and the all-seeing eye pyramid.

Image 17. The all-seeing eye on the one-dollar bill


In the Egyptian Book of the Dead, ANI receives the Knowledge of Father, just like Jesus receives it in the Baptism of Water, symbolized by the white dove descending from heaven. In Hebrew, ‘dove’ is the name Jonah, whose famous sign is discussed in Luke 11:29-32. After receiving the Knowledge, Baptism of Fire begins.


The purpose of the Baptism of Fire is to burn away all personal beliefs, earthly values and the limited identity of a person, so that the truth can flourish in full. Indeed, following this route, ANI enters the Lake of Fire, where all evil burns away. Next, ANI meets the narrow gates, which can be entered only with a pure heart and with Knowledge. Entering a certain narrow gate symbolizes winning the corresponding deadly sin. In Islam, these same events are called the Lesser and the Greater Jihad. The Lesser means simply not committing any wrong deeds. The Greater is a deeper process, taking place in the mind, meaning that a person refuses to even think evil thoughts. Jesus taught the same thing by differentiating thoughts and actual deeds. Jesus taught that it is not enough to not commit sin, but one must also abandon evil thoughts (see e.g. Matthew 5:27-28).


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