In addition to the pyramid on the right-hand side of Mona Lisa of Louvre, Leonardo hid another famous symbol of the all-seeing-eye in the painting. When the Mona Lisa is tripled with the mirror, a figure of an eye is formed at the crux, just above the horizon. (Tripling and mirroring was also topic of image 11; see also Of Mirror writing, Appendix 12)


The eye in the sky is historically known as the symbol of the all-seeing eye. It is sometimes interpreted as representing the eye of God watching over humankind, or of divine providence (Grand Lodge of British Columbia and Yukon, 2014) The eye in general is said to be “symbolic of gods, especially Sun gods, as all-seeing beings, eyes represent perception and spiritual enlightenment. Two eyes often correspond to the Sun and the Moon.” (Signs & Symbols, 2008).


Mona Lisa mirrored and tripled, and thus the eye in the sky is visible.

Image 18. The all-seeing-eye of Mona Lisa


Other accounts of the eye in epic tales and symbolism include e.g. Cyclops, the Right and Left eye of Horus, hieroglyph () signifying the name of Osiris, letter ‘ayin’ in Hebrew and in Arabic, and the Peacock’s eye, symbolizing immortality and renewal. Cyclops is even found in Image 49 (the Cyclops Mona Lisa Crucified). One more dimension related to the all-seeing eye is found through the image of Mona Lisa Square (see Image 42), to be discussed later.15


15 The Evil eye is the exact opposite of the all-seeing-eye, represented by the Mona Lisa of the Louvre. In other words, these symbols (and therefore the Mona Lisas) signify the eternal battle between good and evil. There are numerous accounts and symbols for good and evil – Horus and Seth in Egypt, Jesus and Satan, Knowledge and Life in the Bible, Yin and Yang in Taoism, the conscious and subconscious mind in psychology. The most important lesson of the all-seeing-eye is that whenever a person is able to see the truth behind the mental good and evil (Ethics), he/she is soon able to see the truth behind all physical things, too (Rules of Creation). This is the secret of the Baptism of Water.


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