It is easier to resist at the beginning than at the end.” –Leonardo da Vinci


There is still one more question to answer: even Leonardo considered John the Baptist and Jesus Christ as the same person, were they really the same person? There is only one correct answer to this question: “I leave alone the sacred books; for they are supreme truth.


Gods, pharaohs and deceased are recognized of the beard they have, because living persons was never described with the beard (except the pharaohs of course).” So it states in the commentary of the Book of the Dead (Toivari-Viitale, 2001). Perhaps this is why Marcel Duchamp in 1919 published a picture of Mona Lisa with a moustache and beard. His work is called L.H.O.O.Q. which, following the laws of rhetoric (Appendix 4) can be pronounced in French: “she has nice ass.” Duchamp must have known that one of the hieroglyphs for Father God Shu is the behind of a lion. This would make ‘the nice ass’ of Mona Lisa actually his/her Knowledge.


To see a one single seed in the forest takes an empty mind, but after we understand that the forest was nothing but a single seed at the beginning, we may see the miracle of the one single seed. With this study, Mona Lisa is revealed and even her veil is divided into two parts: nothing is hidden under the Sun anymore. Leonardo praised the Sun not only in physical terms, but also in mental ones. Even modern science has turned its face to the Sun and realised that it is our Mother and Father together. It is our creator and our destroyer – we must honor it. According to the Dead Sea Scrolls, the Spirit is immeasurable much like the knowledge of Father (E.g. 1QS 3,15-17). It is remarkable how the same is said of the Super Massive Black Holes, which are the eye of the galaxies. It seems that whenever we study the things that do not exist in Cosmos, we will discover most about truth. One may say that it is all about ratios and for some reason, the most beautiful ratios do not exist in this world of measurements. These ratios include the numbers such as φ and π.


In the past, some have proposed conspiracy theories concerning the cooperation between Leonardo and certain secret societies. When observing the facts of this study, they seem to be quite truthful or at least possible. Because of the power of the Church in Leonardo’s time, all contradictory knowledge had to be hidden. For instance, the Freemasons are known for their knowledge of the Mother Nature and her ways. All we need is a closer look at some of the most famous buildings around the world to witness this knowledge. It is also remarkable that the American one-dollar-bill and the Mona Lisa share the same symbols such as the all-seeing-eye, the pyramid and the big bird, which could be the phoenix bird.


(Of Christians.) Many who hold the faith of the Son only build temples in the name of the Mother.

Sketch number 1293 (Richter, 1888)


‘Mother’ is also known as ‘Satan’ in the language of symbolism. This metaphor is based on the fact that Mother Nature is evil, since it is the realm of the original sin (of ignorance). Nature is the realm of animals and animal-like people, who act blindly, following their feelings and seeking the sense-pleasures. The common factor behind the men like Leonardo da Vinci, Jesus Christ, Buddha and Prophet Muhammad is the fact that they doubted and questioned everything, beginning with their own identity, thoughts and thinking-patterns. They found the fault inside of themselves – not from other people – thus they began to purify their own thinking, not someone else’s. They transformed into children once more.


Children are much like illuminated masters. They love everyone, they cannot kill or do harm to each other. Children do not judge, but they always intervene, if they have to. A child’s mind is as pure as the feather of justice. Children are curious of anything: they have a thirst for knowledge. Following this will, they seek, they ask and they knock. That is why they will have the answers. They will have the Knowledge within them. And because they are like children and they have the Knowledge, they also want to give it to everyone else willing. Not for a carrot, nor because of a stick, but because it is the only right thing to do.


There is still a great difference between only transferring the knowledge and living it. Thus, in the words of the language of symbolism: transferring is only making Wine out of Water. Mercy will reach everyone in through Water and Father, but only those who endure in the flames of the Sun, are saved in the Son, and finally in the Holy Spirit.


Leonardo’s suggestion that John the Baptist is Jesus gives us something to think about. If a person can turn into a divine being, what is the key idea of this? The idea is groundbreaking: not only God is the absolute good, but also a person following God’s example can be. This leaves no excuse: we are bound to follow the magnificent example of those who have travelled the Way of Truth. “If we say that we remain in union with God, we should live just as Jesus Christ did.” (1 John 2:6)


Mona Lisa is K-Elohim – ‘like God’, or ‘image of the All’. Thus, Leonardo’s own purified mind, his thoughts and personal purpose, represent the mental world, and correspondingly the Mona Lisa with its elements plays the role of the image of God in the physical world. Mona Lisa is the source of Knowledge. The wisdom inside Mona Lisa is the Way for everyone willing to seek the truth.



Mona Lisa relates to the above through its astrological dimensions. Mona Lisa relates to the below through its alchemist dimensions. Mona Lisa is the Philosopher’s Stone and the Holy Grail. It is numbers 5, 6, 56 and 72, as well as 440, 666, 772, 792 and 794. Mona Lisa is also number one, because it is the image of the All. It is number two, because of its dualism. It is number three, because it is the trinity of Nature and the trinity of Father, Mother and Child. It also mirrors number four – the Faces of God – in his/her heart through the four-circles symbol.141 But more than that, Mona Lisa is the relations between edges, elements and numbers. Its dimensions reflect the Sun, the Moon and the Earth. It hides the equation of ratios, which have created the Life on Earth. It is therefore the creator god/goddess. Mona Lisa has dozens of reasons for smiling – one of which is that there is no more sand in her/his nose.


141 This number symbolism can be continued, because in Mona Lisa: 5 is the all-seeing eye, the Solar Boat of Re and pentagram, 6 is the Star of David, or the union of water and fire, 7 is the parts of her/his Soul and his/her right eye, 8 is the parts of his/her Spirit and left eye (Star of Lakshmi), 9 is the mental marriage of Mona Lisa’s Soul and Spirit, and finally 10 completes him/her, just like Horus, the 10th god in Divine Order, returns to the beginning and unites everything Oneness – such as Adam/Atem.


The Mona Lisa is universal; its message is the same as that of every single thing in Cosmos. Jesus called this Knowledge the first seed, and our Father. Our Father is the Rules that we use in our daily life. The rules are the only permanent thing of the All, and the Rules have two dimensions – the mental and the physical. Thus, we may call the Trinity of Mona Lisas the knowledge of good and evil, and the knowledge of Laws of Cosmos. The Masculine Trinity of Mona Lisa is the Father-Son-Holy Spirit – the trinity of eternal life.


Just when we might begin to think that Mona Lisa is merely a 500-year-old water under the bridge, we see that the water flows into the Primeval Sea and rises to Heaven. Eventually, the Mona Lisa will rain upon us again, making us like wet dogs in the backyard. We have nowhere to take shelter from the all-seeing-eye. That is why the Mona Lisa is immortal. Or at least until the decay of the canvas and paint. However, the Truth behind Mona Lisa is eternal. Can we now better understand the quote from the beginning of this study?


Whoever shall make a copy of the Duat, and shall know it upon earth, it shall act as a magical protector for him both in heaven and in earth, unfailingly, regularly, and eternally.” –The Book of What is in the Duat


When a person comes across a piece of absolutely pure knowledge like that which is hidden in the Mona Lisa, this knowledge still cannot help that person forward beyond a certain point, because the battle between sin and virtue is still in progress inside that person. The Greater battle should not be started before the union of the Water is achieved. And to find our Father, one needs to transform into a child once more. Leonardo taught us that the falsehood in life is like a mask covering the face. This mask – or veil – must be removed, comprehensively.



This is your personal invitation to return to the Tree of Knowledge once more, since the time of your childhood. Begin to search the truth in your life. Think about the Egyptian piece of advice that explains that the Truth is fourfold: It is 1) Primeval Water of the All, 2) Infinity and Eternal, 3) Darkness and Still (Ether) and 4) ‘the things without description and shape’. Stop seeking for fault and vice in your life and other people, and focus on similarities and virtue. Question everything and start with yourself. Learn to Know Thyself, your identity, values, beliefs, know-how, talent, behavior, habits, body, soul, heart, your never-dying spiritual part. Which parts of you are in balance with the Feather of Ma’AT – the divine order? (See the Final Appendix 15)


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