Another approach to the number 72 is a combination of the earlier statement and a whole new one. Here, we become aware of the Way of Truth (see further Appendix 2), a process of transformation and enlightenment, which in fact is described by all major religions and even modern psychology. All these different cultures, of course, use their own terminology to describe the process, but eternal symbols are still the same for everyone. That is why the language of symbolism is the only correct language for reading and interpreting sacred texts.


To describe it in terms familiar to us from the Bible, the Way is divided into three parts, which are i) the Baptism of Water (“Know Thyself and find the Knowledge”), ii) the Baptism of Fire (“Deny Thyself and find the Life”) and iii) the Baptism of the Holy Spirit (“transform into Living Knowledge”). In human history, there are only a few people known to have reached the end of this process. Some of these people are Jesus Christ, Buddha and Krishna.


In the Way of Truth, even though there are three different baptisms, they are still one and the same – only the personal relationship with God (the Holy Spirit) becomes deeper. In the first phase, a person will know God from eye to eye, in the second, from face to face, and finally, like a Son (Child) knows his Father.


All three Baptisms are sometimes described as one day each (this is the period of time which e.g. Jesus was dead before resurrection and which Jonah spent inside the Whale). Continuing with this line of thinking, the three days form an equation

24h + 24h + 24h = 72h,

where the 72 hours is the whole Way of Truth. That is why number 72 is such an important symbol.


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