Whose Son is Christ? (Matthew 22:41-46; Mark 12:35-37; Luke 20:41-44)

In Matthew 22:41-46 Jesus explains how the Pharisees did not know Father. In the passage, they discuss David and whether the Messiah was Son of David. The Pharisees argue that the true Messiah must be the son of David. Then Jesus refers to Psalm 110, leaving the others speechless. In practice, Jesus shows them a contradiction in Scripture, which appears in the Bible even today. Jesus asks them: “if then David calls him ‘Lord’, how can he be his son?



Of David. A psalm. 1 The Lord says to my lord: “Sit at my right hand until I make your enemies a footstool for your feet.”

2 The Lord will extend your mighty scepter from Zion, saying, “Rule in the midst of your enemies!”

3 Your troops will be willing on your day of battle. Arrayed in holy splendor, your young men will come to you like dew from the morning’s womb.

4 The Lord has sworn and will not change his mind: “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”

5 The Lord is at your right hand; he will crush kings on the day of his wrath.

6 He will judge the nations, heaping up the dead and crushing the rulers of the whole earth.

7 He will drink from a brook along the way, and so he will lift his head high.


To understand this enigma, we have to understand two things. The first is that ‘David’ literally means “beloved” דוד (dalet, waw, dalet). This word is often used in Bible, in significant connections. E.g. when God Himself speaks with the words: “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17) It is also worth noticing that the word ‘Mary’, the mother of Jesus, means, translated in Egyptian hieroglyphs, same thing as the word ‘David’ in Hebrew. They both signify the word ‘beloved’. Thus, the logical thinking pattern can be formed: because


Jesus really is the Son of David. So is anyone, along with him, who walks the whole Way of Truth. That kind of a person has purified one’s soul and become beloved by his/her soul. The bloodline of David (Matthew 1:20) is not a physical line. It is a spiritual bloodline. Every single person entering the Baptism of Water is also reborn into the bloodline of David. Thus ‘David’ as a term belongs to the same context as ‘Sodom and Egypt’ discussed above.


The second thing to realize is the fact that the bloodline of David is eternal. Jesus was not the first nor the last to represent the line. In the Psalm 110 a new king is enthroned. These events are also described in the Spell 185 and 186 in the Book of the Dead. As mentioned before, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit leads to mental marriage, and thus the new ruler will receive the title ‘King of Kings’,111 or the ‘Ruler of the Heaven and the Earth’.


111 Exactly the same term is used also in the Bible (e.g. Revelation 19:16).


Scene from the Book of the Dead, where man and woman faces Father God Osiris.

Image 72. Spell 185 of Book of the Dead (Faulkner, 2011). The mental marriage of Heaven and Earth.


In Image 72 describing Spell 185, Father gives the mighty scepter 112 to ANI and what this means is actually written in Psalm 110: “You are a priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek 113 .” In other words, ANI has reached immortality. Melchizedek is a debated name, and its original meaning is ‘Melek’ (= king), ‘Chi’ (= living), and ‘Tzedek’ (= righteousness or justice). These Hebrew words together form the meaning for what ANI is now: the King of the Living Righteousness (or the Living Father). These names together, ANI Melchizedek, means in English:

‘I Am the Living Father’,

and this is the third and ultimate goal in Way of Truth. This is where and when transfiguration happens. A person has become the Image of God, or the Living Father.


112 Other two scepters are the flail and the crook. The crook is the shepherd’s rod, which symbolises the mercy and guiding role of its owner. This is the Baptism of Water. Correspondingly, the flail is a sort of a whip referring the severity of the ruler – the Baptism of Fire. These rods are the same symbols such as the Trees of Knowledge and Life, and the Kabbalistic pillars of Mercy and Severity.

113 ‘The order of Melchizedek’ is the same as the term ‘Divine Order of Creation’, and in ancient Egyptian mythology, the same as what is represented by e.g. Ma’AT and Shu. (Appendix 7) In this context, the word ‘Tzedek’, can also be considered as ‘Tzelem’, which means ‘Image’ in English.


Image 72 is the Ancient Egyptian symbol for the Marriage at Cana of Bible. Here the two persons wearing white clothes are actually one and same. The woman here symbolizes the feminine ANI: she is the Heaven of ANI. Correspondingly, the man symbolizes the masculine ANI: he is the Earth of ANI.114 When this mental marriage takes place, it means that the conscious mind (Heaven) is united with the subconscious (Earth).115 And from now on, when a person e.g. ‘feels’ something or ‘hears the voice of reason’ it happens more consciously – a person can actually now make decisions based on his conscious mind rather than subconscious. That is why ANI now has the comprehensive Power over himself. The Way of Truth thus leads to the very first point in life, where a person actually has Free Will.


114 Notice also in Image 72, how the feminine person holds the reed in her right hand (Image 7).

115 Taken into the context of the Bible the feminine ANI is Mary Magdalena and masculine ANI is John the Baptist. In the Bible, the first mental marriage is the Marriage at Cana. Because of this marriage, a person can now transform the Knowledge of Father (the water) into Scripture (the wine). This takes place in the tenth-twelfth hour after the death of one’s ego on the public cross, which is ninth hour (Mark 15:34).


In the ancient Egyptian mythology Marriage at Cana is the weddings of Earth and Heaven. Here, the god Geb’s symbol is the Earth. On the level of macrocosm, Earth is the physical realm which made life possible for people and on the level of microcosm, Earth is the subconscious of man consisting of the three lowest chakra-points. These chakras include Earth, Emotion and Reason. As an extreme of god Geb, there is goddess Nut – the symbol of Heaven. On the level of macrocosm, Heaven is the mental realm which made life possible for the souls of people, and on the level of microcosm, Heaven is the conscious mind of man consisting of the three highest chakra-points. These chakras include Heaven, Memory and Creation. Of these two divine beings, was already told the story how they produced and had five gods and goddess as their children – it was five days for five gods (see the Great Year).


When a person receives the all-seeing eye, this mental marriage takes place. It is now, in one’s heart, where the two extremes, Heaven and Earth are united. Together, Heaven and Earth are the symbol of the human soul. When these seven parts is united with the two parts of Spirit (Knowledge and Life), the heart forms an entity, which is measured against the feather of Shu (and Ma’at) in the eternal scales. In this event, a person truly needs a totally pure heart, in order that the mental marriage will happen for a sign of a new morning. It is not until then, when the final transfiguration is a fact.


Another observation of Image 72 is that the rod in front of Osiris (the green God) has a living bird intertwined around it. In an image depicting the earlier phase on the mental journey, the Baptism of Fire, this rod was covered by the skin of a dead animal. This skin was the symbol of the human ego which died in the Fire. In Image 72, the bird bears the same symbol, the four-circles, which we find on the bodice of Mona’s dress (Image 19). This creature is known for its ability to be born again, not from Water but from Fire. It is, of course, the Phoenix bird or as they called it in Egypt - the Bennu bird. As we will recall, the word Bennu, means in Hebrew the Son of Nu – ‘BeN Nu’.116


116 This is in fact the moment, where Jesus is born. “When Jesus saw his mother there, and the disciple whom he loved standing nearby, he said to her, “Woman, here is your son,” and to the disciple, “Here is your mother.” From that time on, this disciple took her into his home.” (John 19:26-27) ‘The disciple whom he loved’ is John, as we can recall. And thus here, at the same time, Virgin Mary turns into Mother of John, and because of that, also John turns into Jesus – the Son of Mary.


The goddess in the right side of Image 72 is not Isis the mother goddess, but she is in fact a blend of Isis and Hathor - the goddess of love.117 This means that when the first mental marriage happens, the two people on the left side will be transformed into the two people on the right side. Now, ANI is Osiris-ANI, which is, indeed, the name used by the Book of the Dead (Faulkner, 2011). Also, the feminine person turns into Hathor-Isis, who is at the same time Mother and Wife of Horus (= Christ).118


117 Hathor is the goddess of e.g. rebirth, who has the form of seven Hathors in Book of the Dead. And because Hathor sometimes has a head of a cow, she can be considered as the Seven cows too (see e.g. Pinch, 2002). In Bible Hathor is described as Mary Magdalene.

118 This is also in congruence with the fact that Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary are the same person, but in different phases. They are the mother and wife of Jesus.


One of the many hieroglyphs for

Image 73. The name of Horus (Adkins & Adkins, 2003)


Soon when ANI will be illuminated in the second mental marriage, he joins comprehensively the god Horus. The name Horus contains hieroglyphs of ‘beloved’ and ‘three times’ (Image 73).119 In this hieroglyph, the three small signs usually considered as ‘thorn or ‘brushwood’ are the sign for plural word. Three objects commonly signifies plurality in Egyptian hieroglyphs, where the amount of something is expressed as ‘one’, ‘two’ or ‘several’ (which is marked as three). These three small objects is possible to consider as the Hebrew word for ‘hand’ and ‘every sort of appendage’ - the tenth letter of the alphabet, yod. Yod has the numerical value 14 (10 + 4).


119 The three small details in the hieroglyph for ‘Horus’, which clearly indicate that the word is a plural, also look like “three nails”. Could these spots symbolize also the two hands and legs together as one, just like it was when Christ was crucified?


So, the name of Horus can be actually translated 120 as,

Beloved * 3 = David * 3 = 14 * 3 = 42.


To explain the result - number 42 121 – we need to hear the words of Matthew (1:17): “Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah.” Number 42 (= 14 + 14 + 14) and these generations mean the bloodline of David.122 This bloodline is another connection between the Bible and the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead. There are 42 masculine persons described in the Spell 125 in Book of the Dead. They are symbolically presented as the Forty-two Assessors of the Dead, and every one of them is related to a specific sin of the human mind. This is called the negative confession. (Appendix 14)


120 The name Horus is just like the name Christ, having several connotations and translations. The sign in Image 73 can be also translated ‘road’, ‘path’, ‘way’ etc. Also this is absolutely similar with the name of Christ, when he says: “Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6) In this context, the truth refers to the Baptism of Water, the life to the Baptism of Fire and the way to the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and ‘coming to Father’ refers to the actual transfiguration.

121 Number 42 is also familiar from the book Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, where it is presented as an answer to the ultimate question of Life, the Universe, and Everything. The Author Douglas Adams himself told that this number is only a joke, but let everyone form their own opinion of it.

122 As said already, it is not a physical, but a mental bloodline.


42 gods in a raw, in the 42 negative confessions scene, in the Book of the Dead.

Image 74. Spell 125 The Negative Confession (Faulkner, 2011). The Bloodline of David and Father divided in 42 parts.


Jesus refers to this in The Fulfilment of the Law (Matthew 5:17-20) where he announces that there are actually more in the Law than what the people have been taught. They only know the Ten Commandments, but as we now are about to learn, there are at least these 42 Commandments. “For truly I tell you, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished” (Matthew 5:18). Heaven and Earth we already know – they are the purified Soul and Body – Mary and John. The “smallest letter” is the same tenth letter called jod already mentioned. Jod has a numerical value of 14 and therefore the smallest letter is actually one third of the whole Law.123


123 ‘Hand’ and ‘beloved’ have the same numerical value (14), and thus in the language of symbolism they have a strong bond, they are almost equals.


It is essential to understand that these 42 parts are the divided Father – the Knowledge.124 The Way to the illumination means collecting the pieces of our Father, through which one is purified, first in the Water and then in Fire. Father (Knowledge) is the only guide we have when washed with Water, and after that the generations of “beloved ones”, share our pain of the fire. But as it was at the beginning, it will also be in the end; we will stand alone on the public cross. As soon as all the vicious thoughts (sins) have been burned away, the Baptism of the Holy Spirit takes place.


124 Compare e.g. the myth of Osiris (Father, who equals the Knowledge) where his body is divided all over the world. (Pinch, 2002)


After all three baptisms, ANI is now “three times beloved” in the eyes of the Holy Spirit and he transforms into the First-being.125 He is the one who is not divided into two genders. When a person is two different genders no more, this is called the greatest mental marriage – the marriage between the human soul (7 parts) and the Holy Spirit (2 parts). In the language of the Way of Truth we speak of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and of transfiguration, which are actually visualized in Image 75 and the Spell 186 in the Book of the Dead (Faulkner, 2011). In the language of symbolism it can be said that ANI now wears Horus (and Christ) and thus his power contains not only Heaven and Earth, but also Knowledge and Life. This is exactly the same story which is told of Adam and Jesus before. Remember, what was divided in Adam was once more united in Christ. This idea is taught in the Bible, in the Quran and as we can see, in the ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead, too.


125 Also the First Man, the Son of Man, the Son of God, the Son of Truth, the Living Father, the Living Knowledge, the Eternal Life, the Water of Life, Father-Mother, Yin-Yang, Shu-Tefnut, Adam-Eve etc. These symbolic names are usually formed of one masculine and one feminine symbol found e.g. in Table 5.


Three Marys of the New Testament

The human soul is purified little by little on the Way of Truth. To achieve the mental marriages and to reach the all-seeing eye it is crucial to understand the lesson behind the three Marys:

1) The first Mary chooses to study Knowledge and Truth rather than confirm the daily duties (story of Mary and Martha in Luke 10:38-42),

2) The second Mary is Mary Magdalene, who is haunted by seven bad spirits, of which she is cured. Only by realizing her own state of evilness, is she pure enough to form the first mental marriage between Heaven and Earth. (Luke 8:2; Marriage at Cana in John 2:1-11)

3) The final Mary is the Virgin Mary – the three times beloved Soul that is pure enough to form the second mental marriage between the feminine life, including both Heaven and Earth, and the masculine knowledge. This is where the two parts of the Holy Spirit, Knowledge and Life, unite in a person via transfiguration. (Matthew 17:1-13)


Scene from the Book of the Dead, where is tomb, mountain, Hathor-cow, beast-like goddess with Ankh, offering table and enlightened God.

Image 75. Spell 185 and 186 (Faulkner, 2011). ANI (John + Mary) has turned into First Man, Image of God.


Image 75 is meant to be read from the right to the left. Below is an explanation of the symbolism:


♦ The white pyramid (MR in hieroglyphs) is a tomb of ANI. Because ‘MR’ also means ‘soul’, (MeRu: ‘three times beloved’), we can say that his soul is his tomb. Now, the soul is opened and thus ANI is reborn. A person is reborn via three baptisms, each of which is described as one day in the language of symbolism. That is why the tomb is opened after three days (see e.g. Luke 24:7) and also why the marriage at Cana took place in the beginning of the third day (John 2:1).


 ANI is born on the sacred mountain that is also described in Psalm 110.


 There is an eightfold geometric shape, which refers to the Star of Lakshmi – the symbol of Father (Nu and Noah) and night-ark, where there are 4 times 2 people. They symbolize the Baptism of Water – receiving the Knowledge of the spiritual structure of Cosmos.


 The head of ANI is cut off. Other similar accounts in Scripture include: John the Baptist’s head is cut off in the Bible (Matthew 14:11); Isis’ head is cut off by his own son Horus (Pinch, 2002, p. 82); Virgin Mary’s head is cut off in the Gnostic texts. As soon as the head of the prophet is cut off, the eternal head of the cow goddess of Love (Hathor) will appear. This symbolism is the same as the eternal head of Buddha.


 In the middle, there is the flaming sword protecting the Way to the Tree of Life. The beastly creature holding the sword, also holds the Life (Ankh) in his other hand. This describes how in the Baptism of Fire a person’s thoughts and body are purified with the flaming sword and finally, eternal life is achieved.126 A person’s name is inside his/her Ankh (life), and as soon as a person has no name at all, his Ankh is effectively empty.127 Then, the eternal name is given to him/her.128


126 We may remember the same hieroglyph which stands for Ankh also means the sandal strap.

127 This is the same symbol as tabula rasa, but in the form of innatism. It is here suggested, based on Scripture, that the tabula rasa does exists, but in the form of a mental black hole consisting of all Knowledge about the spiritual structure of Cosmos. Thus as soon as a person tries to describe or even to think of tabula rasa, there is no more tabula rasa, but an imperfect image of it. Whenever a person’s soul is pure, it will connect to the perfect spirit – Knowledge.

128 Another symbol with the same meaning as Ankh, is the Knot of Isis. This knot ties up the cartouche (or serekh), which hides the name of a person inside it. As soon as the knot is opened also the name of a person can be changed or removed. In the language of symbolism it does not matter which of these words are used – to open sandal straps or to open the knot. Also the opening of the Pandora’s Box is equal to this symbolism.


 The symbol of the third baptism is an offering table (sacrificial altar). This is where, after Water and Fire, everything becomes clear. Everything which has been achieved through work and in life are sacrificed to God. The offering table is symbolically equal to the Last Supper -scene in Bible, which mentions the most beloved Disciple.129 In the terms of symbols: John is the offering table itself. This is also the moment when Judas leaves the party of Jesus (to betray him) and thus Son of Man is glorified.130 The glorified person (John transformed into Jesus) is the offering from God to humanity (John 3:16-17).131


129 The most beloved disciple is John (Table 7) and this is proved in Bible (John 21:20-25).

130 This is described in John 13:31-32. ‘The leaving Judas’ is a very strong symbol and a lesson on the Way of Truth. If a person tries to sell the whereabouts of the Living Knowledge (Christ), he/she will never enter the next phase or even reach the first baptism. This is the most difficult narrow gate, which has proven an insurmountable obstacle on the Way of so many religious teachers, gurus, mentors and other spiritual instructors. Only when a person is willing to help humanity free of charge and by losing his/her own life, he/she is worthy of the Baptisms. Notice also that the Son of Man is a symbol of a person, who is born of Father – the Primeval Water Nun.

131 Another symbolic account of this theme is found in the Bible in the story of Binding of Isaac, where God asks Abraham to sacrifice his Son. (Book of Genesis 22:1-19) This sacrifice is the symbol of the third baptism, where the Son is Christ in a person’s heart.


 ANI has now joined Horus, Christ and all the other enlightened in eternity. He wears them all (see e.g. Galatians 3:27-28 )132. He has the three masculine parts of Knowledge in his hands (scepters of Mercy, of Severity and of Power) and he is three times beloved. He reminds us of the creator aspect of the All (Ra, Re). He has found the Way back home. Nothing is hidden from him, all evil hates him, and it is more than hard for this world to recognize him anymore. Over him, there are the seven leaves of Bread 133, which are the symbolic body of Christ and Horus, each leaf for each day of the week. Now, there is no John or Mary, he or she, Earth or Heaven, but there is only the One – absolute Oneness.


132for all of you who were baptized into Christ have clothed yourselves with Christ. There is neither Jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” (Galatians 3:27-28)

133 See e.g. Mark 8:5. The seven loaves of bread are a symbol of the Baptism of Fire, as the five loaves of bread are the symbol of the Baptism of Water. These loaves of bread are also the twelve hours on the Way of Truth e.g. in the Book of Gates.


Image 75 is created with a great understanding – and with reasonable creativity – and thus it is ambiguous. The same image can be read also from left to right. Then the story is short and simple: The perfect situation on the left is achieved, when 1) a person relinquishes one’s whole fortune and offers it to God, then 2) a person still needs to go through the burning fire, relinquishing also all of his/her mental heritage, such as beliefs, values and identity, and therefore 3) a person will build his/her mental pyramid on the rock of truth, and the seed of everything – Tree of Knowledge – will blossom in the form of Tree of Life. Also, the eternal head will guide him/her ever since.


Image 75 is the context, with which the third Mona Lisa (Isleworth) - the Child - is associated in our story. The Book of the Dead calls this new-born god, on the left in Image 75, as Sokar-Osiris e.g. in Spells 185 and 186 (Faulkner, 2011, pp. 184-187). In the Book of the Underworld this same god is called Seker, the god who is on his sand (Budge, 1904. Volume I, p. 220). Now, it is easy to understand the true meaning of the sand in the background of the third Mona Lisa (Image 51 and Table 4).


The sand is the final key with which to open the famous sandals of Jesus Christ, of which John the Baptist says: “He is the one who comes after me, the thongs of whose sandals134 I am not worthy to untie” (John 1:27). Sokar is the god, who is responsible for a person’s name and original form. In Egyptian mythology it says that Sokar is hidden and thus no-one, who is not born of the Primeal Water Nun can open Sokar’s hidden land. The hidden land of Sokar is the shape of an oval. The land is the Ankh – the cross of Life – and it is also Da’at135 in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Every single person is tied into their Ankh (life) and thus they have no understanding of Water nor Fire (Knowledge or Life). This means that a person, tied to Life, will die, because that is what happens to everything that is born in Nature.


134 It is the most important thing, that whenever translating these texts of Scripture, the translator cannot ever modify texts in any way. If here the word ‘sandal’ would be replaced with e.g. word ‘shoe’, the true meaning of this symbolism would became almost unrecognizable. 

135 In some translations the Egyptian Underworld Du’at is translated as Dat (Pinch, 2002, p. 61). This is exactly the same as Kabbalistic Hidden Knowledge formed of the letters dalet, ayin and tav. In the language of symbolism the Du’at opens for a person who has received the Hidden Knowledge of Father.


In the Way of Truth, a person who experiences transfiguration is not born of a woman anymore, but he/she is born of the Water and Spirit – the Primeval water Nun.136 Every single person born of Nun is already perfect and thus, when speaking of him/her, we do not speak of “being born” but rather of just “being”. The same context is found in the Bible, when John the Baptist teaches us that the one (Jesus), who comes after him, is too perfect for him to be worthy of even opening or tying his sandals (Ankh). We will recall that only Jesus137 (the Egyptian Horus) has the authority to open a person’s Ankh and to give him/her the Christ-name (Horus-name).


136 Just like the super massive black holes in the center of every known galaxy, also the Nun contains all the knowledge of Cosmos and yet it is the emptyness, the darkness, the infinity and the eternal.

137 Just like Osiris and Horus, also Jesus, is not a single person, but also a concept, in which all persons can and will become via Way of Truth.


Leonardo hid the Ankh in the sand of the third Mona Lisa – the Child. However, the Child has the power over the sand and clay and thus he/she is not born of woman anymore, but he/she is actually born of Water and the Holy Spirit. At this point, it must be clear for everyone that Sokar is equal to e.g. ‘Christ the Child’ in the Bible, ‘Horus the Child’ in the Book of the Dead and ‘Mona Lisa the Child’ in the Mona Lisa trinity.138


138 To answer the original question ‘Whose son is Christ’, we may give the exact answer: he is the Son of the Primeval Water Nun and the Father-God Nu.


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