Theory of Everything and Nothing is the truth of a person, one's life and true meaning. It guides a person to the Way of Truth, which leads him/her through non-existence to the transfiguration and enlightenment.


At the moment this book is only in Finnish, but we are doing the best we can to translate it also into English.


Preview of the Theory of Everything and Nothing: the mental structure of Soul and Heart


The Theory of Everything and Nothing unites e.g. the trinity of unconscious mind that Freud called id, superego and ego with the eye accessing cues -model from more modern NLP. These two models fit perfectly together and forms three the most common symbols of our history. These symbols are the Earth, the Heaven and the Faces of God, which all three are here simply called the structure of human soul.


Image with four leaves and eyes desribe the Soul. Image with seven chakras together with knowledge and life.
Image 1. The mental structure of Soul and Heart Image 2. Soul and Spirit with chakras (drawing: K Vohsen)


The following seven (7) parts of Soul and two (2) parts of Spirit are the nine (9) parts of a person, who has known oneself, denying oneself, and sanctifying oneself, and thus transformed into the Image of God once more. In this preview, you can introduce yourself with these nine parts of enlightened person.



Emotion is the lower level of the subconscious mind. Psychology refers to this level with the terms Id and Temperament, and Scripture with the terms Emotion, Du'AT and Earth. Emotion includes, for instance, personal behaviour and know-how, meaning all the things that one is able and capable of doing. This level also sees the deep urges and instincts which connect us to the animal kingdom. Thus, emotion is difficult to control, let alone understand. In many cases, only keeping a diary and a relentless and ruthless self-observation will offer insight into the world of Emotion and to the emotional maturity of a person. In this effort, it should be noted that it is pointless to try and describe or analyse Emotion itself, whereas the immediate consequences of it, which are behavior and choices, can be reached. In Knowing Thyself, the aim of this level is to tame this symbolic Beast of the subconscious.



The second Heavenly level of the mind is Memory. It is divided into two categories: 1) the working memory, which only carries a few things at the same time and only small topics are on the table, 2) long-term memory, which has almost an infinite capacity for large topics. Memory is the warehouse of the mind. Creativity also plays a role in memory functions: the mind creates the same things over and over again for the conscious mind to process. Memory is a remarkable resource, and thus its functions and features should be understood. An untamed and a bad memory leads to the premature degeneration of the mind as well as other mental problems. Memory develops in balance with Emotion and thus the so-called Beast (urges, instincts) extends its hands toward Memory, too. In the human brain, Memory and Emotion are the extremes and therefore the goal on the sixth level is their conscious union. The Ancient Mnemonics, such as constructing of a memory palace, are based on the union of Memory and Emotion.



Reason is the second level of the subconscious mind. It is related to the terms Superego, Sense and Intellect, and in Scripture, terms such as False Prophet and Earth. All subconscious beliefs, values and identity are parts of Reason. On this level, we speak of the morals and models of behavior which we learn in early childhood. Thus, we should profoundly realise that the identity of a person is a twisted, generalized and defective image we have inherited and constructed. Indeed, it is not the real self-image, but rather a self-created shadow of it. Reason is almost as difficult to control as Emotion, but there is one significant difference between these subconscious levels: it is possible to describe Reason using thought-images and symbols. The goal on the level of Reason is to burn the symbolic False Prophet (e.g. false teaching, childhood behaviour-models, limiting beliefs) out of one's mind and thus to achieve the truthful understanding of oneself and Cosmos in general.



The first Heavenly level of the mind is Creativity. Creativity is the manifestation of every possible event produced by the human mind by mixing Memory, Reason and Emotion. Creativity is thus the same as imagination. Creativity is a huge mental resource, which is why we should be cautious with it. A Creativity out-of-control causes serious mental disorders and therefore we should pay attention to balancing Creativity, Reason and the Rules of Creation. As we remember, on the level Reason the aim is to burn away the False Prophet (false teachings, wrong behavior, limiting beliefs, delusional identity). These efforts will have a calming effect on Creativity as well. The union of Reason and Creativity lies in the seven liberal arts and sciences. These are Grammar, Rhetoric, Logic, Arithmetic, Geometry, Theory of Music and Astrology. After all, Reason and Creativity are the extremes of the human mind and therefore their mutual goal is to unite. We can observe this union taking place for instance in Architecture.


Heaven (consciousness)

The surface of the Human Soul, which we call Heaven, is also called the conscious mind. In sacred texts it is referred to with the terms Heaven, the Heavens and the Kingdom of Gods. In Egyptian mythology the concept of the ‘White Crown’ symbolizes the first (also Lesser) victory of consciousness and receiving the knowledge of spiritual structure of Cosmos.


Heaven includes everything in the human mind which is in the realm of consciousness. Thus it includes parts of every other part of the Soul such as working memory, reason-based creativity and all conscious thinking. The tools of Heaven include 1) numbers and calculation, 2) words and writing, 3) pronunciation and rhetoric. If Earth is composed of Reason and Emotion, up in Heaven there are Memory and Creativity. The main goal on this level of Knowing Thyself is to conquer more and more land on Earth so that Soul would be governed only by consciousness and Light.


Earth (unconscious)

The deepest level of the Human Soul is Earth. Earth is the human subconscious – or as Freud referred to it, the Unconscious mind. In sacred texts the subconscious is described with the terms Underworld, Hades, and the Realm of the Dead. In Egyptian mythology, the concept of the ‘Red Crown’ symbolizes the authority over the unconscious mind. When Earth is recognized in conscious level and comprehensively purified, then person’s own mind will not mislead anymore, but rather guides into Truth.


Earth includes everything that is not in the grasp of consciousness. Therefore, it includes parts of every other section of Soul, such as long-term memory, emotion-based creativity and the beliefs of Reason. If, in contrast, the Heaven above includes Memory and Creativity, here on Earth we have Reason and Emotion. In Knowing Thyself, the level of Earth should recede – making room for Heaven so that the Heart would be governed by consciousness.


Will and personality

In the innermost Heart (and Soul) lies the Will (also True Self) of a person. Here, we find the eternal battle between Self-esteem (e.g. forces of lightness) and Inner Narcissist (e.g. forces of darkness). The only goal on the level of Will is to become fully aware and by denying and losing oneself to have Free Will. Whenever Heart has free will, it is not a prisoner to the subconscious anymore, but will be transfigured into a Living Spirit.


The entire human being is called a person (and personality), or more symbolic the Soul. It includes all seven (7) refining parts: Consciousness, Memory, Creativity, will and personality, Unconscious, Reason and Emotion. Seven parts of Soul unite and form different mental alliances. All the parts of the Soul are located in the human brain, the brain stem and the spinal cord (central nervous system). They are also closely connected to the eyes – which is why it is said that eyes are the window to the soul – because the eyes reflect which parts of the brain are active. It is impossible to consciously control the micro-movement of the eyes and the facial muscles that are the expressions of the Faces of God.


Knowledge and Life (the Spirit)

Knowledge is the most essential purpose of a person and the level from where to understand oneself, humanity and Cosmos. Knowledge holds all the things that are true, which is why the synonym of Knowledge is Truth. The core of Knowledge is permanent and stable. It includes things such as Black Holes and eternal and infinite constants (e.g. pi, phi). In Scripture, Knowledge is related to the terms Tree of Knowledge, the Spirit of Truth and Father. From the point of view of the individual person, Knowledge includes the Principles of Nature and Ethics. The goal of this level, Knowledge, is to become aware of the Way of Truth and go through the three Baptisms. The absolute goal of Knowledge is transfiguration (illumination). This is where Heart is in balance with the Holy Spirit and thus the mortal soul is prepared for mental marriage with the Spirit itself. In the Know Thyself context, Knowledge is the level of finding and/or remembering one's true self and purpose in life. When a person faces the Ultimate Truth at the first time, the tomb of his/her Soul is opened and the Soul is ready to fly once more.


Life is, figuratively speaking, the substrate to which each of us is rooted in. It is the first and the lowest level from where a person looks into the world. Life includes the so-called habitat – both physical and social – and personal thoughts and beliefs. Life is also about the material cycles and the cycles of all moving particles and bodies in Cosmos. Sacred texts associate Life with concepts such as Tree of Life, Circle of Life, Circle of Dharma and Breath of Life. Life is also about all basic physical prerequisites such as heartbeat, and the circulation of blood and oxygen. The development of one single gamete into an entire person is part of Life’s power. When a child is born and takes the first breath, Life flows into that person and stays until physical death. On this first level of Knowing Thyself the aim is taming Life and achieving a conscious command of it. In terms of self-awareness, Life is the first and the last of the different levels – it is like a cycle with the beginning and the end merging.


Everything and Nothing

Concerning these seven levels of Soul and two parts of Spirit, can be formed logical definition of Everything and Nothing, together with God itself. Thus this book begins with the words:


“There is the Theory of Everything and Nothing, which is called ”God” by religions and which explains the spiritual structure of the universe, and whose Image a person will become by knowing, denying and sanctifying oneself. This Theory is the Truth itself, and the journey to become its Image is called the Way of Truth.”


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